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RamsTV Meets Paul Peschisolido


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Fantastic memories growing up watching Pesch play upfront with Raisak. What a combination they were. Lethal. I'm glad they brought up the animosity he had with Phil Brown. I remember Brown trying to sign striker after striker on loan to try and replace Pesch. Not one of them were any good. I'll never forget the infamous substitution of Pesch coming off for Stern John when we getting battered by I think Coventry? Could be wrong with the team. I've heard some loud enough boo's at Pride Park but this was extra special. All the anger from watching that god awful football took it's toll and the supporters ended Brown's tenure at that moment. A huge chorus of Peschisolidio. It's always stuck with me.

The coffee cup goal will live with me forever too ?

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He could write a book that phil brown.

"How to take a decent side and make it poo" by phil brown

"How i loved big sam" by phil brown, "but i'm as good as him you know"

"i never stopped talking about the mighty trotters" by phil brown

 "i never understood that Derby were a bigger club than Bolton" by phil brown

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