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I think I want one. But are they worth it?

They seem better value for money than iPhones in terms of monthly line rental being lower and the phones being able to do much the same things like Facebook apps, WiFi etc.

The cheapest contract I've found for what I need is £25 a month but all deals I want are 24 month contracts which I'm not keen on.

Are they worth the money and the commitment of two years? I'm talking about BlackBerries not women btw. :D

The one my mates have (and love) is this model. http://www.buymobilephones.net/mobile-phones/BlackBerry/BlackBerry-Curve-8900/62,7910,All,tt2,ct1

Though a previous model seems to have better deals like line rental discounts. http://www.buymobilephones.net/mobile-phones/BlackBerry/BlackBerry-Curve-8520-Free-Line-Rental-Discount/62,16186,All,tt2,ct1

Is the 8900 significantly more advanced than the 8520? I'm stuck here.

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i have the 8520, its the best phone ive ever had. i have it on pay as you go though, and i got it for £180

you wont find a fault with it and ive had it nearly 6months.

the other model as far as me and my mate can work out (he has the other model) is it has a different colour shell, and has a ball in the middle, whereas mine is a square box which does the same thing

you will not regret getting one i guarantee that much! :D

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I was looking into them, did quite abit of reading on em. The trackballs tend to have a mind of there own apparently, even tho its got a crapper camera go for the trackpad if your going for the curve. The Bold 9700 is the best for all round features. If that had been in stock i would of gone for that one.

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Found a Bold 9700 contract that is £30 p/m line rental however £10 is discounted every month so it's £20. That gives me 1200 minutes and 3000 texts which is plenty but I'm not sure about a two-year contract tbh. Will that contract entitle me to an upgrade in a year's time?


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I'm with Orange on 18 month contracts, my contract was due to end April and I was allowed to upgrade this month. Not sure about 24 month contracts.

Have a look at Orange direct, the Bold 9700 is free.


I don't know if you text or call more but......

18mth 600mins unlimited texts £30

If your mates are on Orange as well, I think its after every 6 months you get a magic number that allows you to select another Orange mobile number, and you get unlimited calls to that number.

Quite handy for me with the missus, family and mates on Orange so I hardly use my minutes.

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