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what changes would you make?


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so not many then trig!

i personnally think we need a new keeper, right back, centre back, cm, some wingers (who can beat a man, unlike teale, and cross unlike croft)and a pacey striker

who wed get to fill those roles is any ones guess, but operating on a small squad has bit clough on the arse

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Over what time period? shifting out a bulk load of players again will only unsettle the club even more, building a team takes time.

At the moment I'm still not convinced by Savage despite yesterdays "ok" performance, I know a few agree with me and a few don't but Savage is past his best now so he's one I'd shift out if I could.

I'd have a midfield partnership of Pearson and Green with Hendrie and Addison able to provide backup, although I would be on the look out for a "Roy Keane" to boss the midfield.

I warmed slightly to DJ yesterday, ok he didn't score although he did create a few problems for the Newcastle defence and got into a couple of positions where he may have scored on another day.

If we don't get Vaughan in on loan I'd perhaps say keep him a tad longer as we don't have any real pace up front at the moment.

Dickov on the other hand it would be no great surprise that I would say goodbye to him, simply not good enough for where I want to see Derby.

Overall players I'd be looking to sign, young backup keeper, right back, centre midfielder, striker with pace.

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