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whats your most disgusting habit?


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mrs trig has just called me disgusting!

ive just been away on me hols and come back sunburnt ,so im starting to peel a lot,the thing she finds disgusting is that i actually eat the skin ive just peeled!

you think she,s going overboard?

i do:D

whats your most disgusting habits?

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when i was younger i used to get into lots of scrapes,

which would always leave me with scabby knees and elbows,

i couldnt wait for the scabs to go rock hard then i would sit there and pick at them and you,ve guessed it by now surely?

yup thats right i would devour the scabs too!

i was a lovely kid wasnt i?

you can blame it on living in moth eaton,

cause everyone who lives there is foo kin strange or deformed:D

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