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The wide men

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It has been proven that we need at least one full back to be pushing on to get the opposition on the back foot. In recent years we operated best with 1 holding and 1 pushing on.

Back in 2013 Wisdom and Forsyth complemented each other and i feel that a combination of Baird and Olsson (or lowe) and Christie and Baird will also offer that balance. Two pushing on will leave us exposed that is why suprising as it may seem Baird is actually v important and last night showed what good a player he is. Pace may not be what it was but positionally he is streets ahead of most. Also a special mention for Johnny who does a lot of unoticed work tracking back (as does Incey).

Maybe against teams who park the bus at PP Christie and Olsson (or Lowe) might be an option but 9 times out of 10 we shouldnt be so cavalier.


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