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I've had my xmas pressie early the missus has walked out on me. I think my penis must have been to big after all. Only got internet on me phone now so can't even work now, can't even watch tv either as ive just found out shes rang and cancelled Virgin. Be good for the mods, il pop on my phone as much as I can until I sort me sen out. If I don't get chance to say it Merry Christmas!

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i am really sorry to hear that !

have you thought of having an extra go on the lottery this week?


can you send me the recipe please?:D

surely now you can get yer fat ass out the chair and on a flight to convicy country?

trig will take good care of you mate!

might even get one of the local shielas to lighten yer load,so to speak:eek:

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Only problem is ive already bought and wrapped them, phone internet is that slow take me till next xmas to sort returns out. Ah well they'l keep for the next unlucky cow I guess. Time to dust down and practice the old chat up lines I guess.

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