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roy jones jnr v danny green


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2nd december in aus is the fight thats being billed as one of the biggest fights in aussie history.

danny green of australia takes on the eight times world champion roy jones jnr

i for one will be cheering on green , not for the fact that i live in aus but the fact that i cannot stand brash, loud mouthed yanks!

jones jnr is probably one of the greates fighters that there has been,

whats everyones views on this ?

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tried the link daveyboy,

didnt work so i paid austar,

1st foo king round knockout,

a total of 2 mins and 2 secs of round 1

i was fuming at first, but then laughed,

wasnt going to tell anyone i watched it and paid 50 bucks too!

but i suppose it was worth it to see green smash jones,

also the yank was very gracious in defeat too!

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