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Michael jackson


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as a person, or as a musician?

As a person, i think he was troubled, and its hard to make a judgement of like/dislike on someone with the amount of issues he had - althoigh i certainly dont blame him for any of them, he went through things im glad i haven't had to

As a musician... he WAS really talented... but Scream onwards was a bit... hit and miss... edging slightly closer towards miss in general... but on average i'd say i'm with you - slightly further to the fan side of the fence then not.

Plus he gifted the world a whole load of jokes

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I've never been much of a fan of his music, although he was in his younger years no doubt a talented man, but has the years went on he became a very strange man.

I wouldn't say sick as he was never found guilty, none of us know for sure if all the 'kid stuff' was true as we can only found our knowledge on whats been said in the papers, and we know what ***** they print.

He was a strange man tho, hanging his kid off the balcony proved the bloke was not all there upstairs. Seems a shame that such a talented guy will be more remembered for his life outside music that his music.

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