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Fifa 09 Online - PSP


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What a bunch of fricking idiots play online!! :mad:

For every 1 game you actually get to finish you have to play 20 where when your through on goal they disconnect on you, I almost just launched my psp at the wall in frustration.

Was playing AC Milan and went 2-0 down, managed to pull one back, then a minute later through on goal and disconnected. Another one last night, was winning 1-0 and soon as it reached 90 minutes the guy disconnected.

I've only managed to clock up 2 wins but 15 defeats, I should of had about 20 wins by now at least.

I only play people with a DNF of less than 5% now, although still facing the same problem, one guy tried to enter into a game with me, he had about 300 wins and only a couple defeats and a DNF of 90%

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Simple, award the win to the other player and block the user from playing again for a hour.

Had a quick go on Medal of Honour online it's just as bad with people using cheats. One guy could never get shot, in another game mode someone kept carpet bombing so everyone indoor or outdoor were killed.

Where's the fun in that?

Might have to invest in a Xbox and thrash you lot instead.

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