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What's wrong with young men today!


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Artist and film-maker Sam Taylor-Wood, 42, is to marry her 19-year-old boyfriend Aaron Johnson.

Johnson is the star of Nowhere Boy, Taylor-Wood's first feature film as director, which tells the story of John Lennon's early life.

A spokesman for the Turner-nominated artist said: "Sam and Aaron are engaged and very happy."

The pair were seen this week walking the red carpet of Nowhere Boy's London Film Festival premiere.

Taylor-Wood praised Johnson for his "perfect" portrayal of an adolescent John Lennon.

"When he came for the audition at the beginning I knew he was perfect because he just had the intensity, the focus and the charisma to pull off such an iconic role," she said.

"I saw 300-odd people and he was the only one that stood out."

Taylor-Wood and her first husband Jay Jopling, the art dealer, divorced last year but they remain on good terms.

Following the break-up Jopling had a brief relationship with singer Lily Allen, who is 22 years his junior.




19 years old and famous, he could get abit his own age that hasn't had 20ish years of use. Yeah the experience would be nice although the sag would have started plus the menopause can't be too far away either.

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True but she will have to invest in alot of plastic to keep him happy in a few years. I don't think it's just the money, I think some young men have moved out of the family home and miss mummy so they have gone out and found an older women a similar age and likeness to there mum so they can feel secure again.

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Give me Tanya Branning for a night and I'm sure I would make the most of it, give me Tanya Branning for anymore than that then no sorry I would run for the hills. You want your missus to be that your missus and not a replica mum. How long till she starts moaning at you to tidy the bedroom or put your washing out in neat piles outside your bedroom door. And can you imagine taking her to meet the parents, you would almost hope they hated each other as you wouldn't want them becoming best mates and going to bingo together.

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