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Has trying to buy promotion ever worked?


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I know that we are all grateful for Mel's millions but has going on a spending spree ever worked in getting promotion?

We tried it when Lionel Pickering became chairman spending £16m on the likes of Kitson, Gabbiadini, Pembridge, Tommy Johnson etc and it got us to the playoffs. 

We gambled a few million in the January to strengthen Billy Davies' team and we slipped from top 2 to third and got up via the play-offs with some disgruntled players as the later recruits were promised promotion bonuses in excess of those that had been at the club all season.

This season we have gone for a "revolution rather than evolution" in our squad development and I think we have lost some of the team spirit which is a massive factor in successful teams.

I'm at a loss with some of our purchases, it's clear to me that Clement hasn't chosen quite a few of the players we signed.

 Ince isn't a team player who has never set a goal up for Martin, makes life as difficult as possible for Christie by not making himself available when Cyrus has the ball, and only passes when he has used up all options of dribbling around players in an attempt to create a shooting opportunity for himself.

Bent has suddenly become an amazing player in the eyes of the fans by being left out of the side, when in the games he has played he's had a similar involvement to Martin.

Weimann hardly played at Villa for a year but we pay £2m for him

Blackman was having a purple patch at Reading, early days here I know but he has not looked at all convincing as a left winger.

Camara - early days but is he related to our European scout Mo Camara?

My view is that trying to buy promotion doesn't work and just leads to a collection of expensive misfits who don't gel as a team

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19 minutes ago, Sparkle said:

Yes Blackburn - I would swap David Speedie  for most of selfish non team players we have now, sign Alan shearer the next season and win the premier league 

They still finished 6th

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