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Allocation of away members


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Please do something about the allocation of away members' tickets for away matches. My first season as an away member and at nearly every match I attended was stuck away in a corner  (at Fulham it was so bad we were facing their stand not the pitch. ) 

I don't expect or demand to be centre goal at every match but a bit of variety would be nice. 

We have a fair idea of the numbers attending so a fairer system could be worked out.

Oh, and hand towels in the toilets at home as the dryers are rubbish and only blow cold air.

I will also add my support for safe standing, less (or better) music before kick-off.

I prefer kicking direction to stay as it is now. 

Can John Vicars have his twitter account back please? He did an awful lot to improve informal club fan relationships and one over exuberant post shouldn't end that. 

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