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Point system priority for away tickets


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Point system priority for away tickets replacing memberships, more points given on less glamorous away and mid week games. Reward the fans that travel up and down the country following the team, not those that pay £40/£50 for a membership. Although if I'm reading right if you're not a season ticket holder you need to be a home member to buy an away membership which comes to £90?

So I could go to 10 away games for example, Portsmouth, Brighton, Middlesbrough, Cardiff etc. but I won't get a Forest ticket because it would cost me over £100 with the membership?


Or a Rams Miles card, sign up for a card, maybe charge a small admin fee £10 a season? proof of ID for your address, utility bill, photo ID etc. then as you buy tickets, swipe the card, the more miles you clock up from your post code to the ground post code gives you ticket priority. This would be even fairer in my opinion and reward those that travel to home games as well but may prove to be costly to setup.



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