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As an Australian Derby fan, I wish there was an overseas membership I could buy. Every year, I subscribe to RamsPlayer and buy some merchandise and at least one shirt (last season was the first time in years I didn't buy at least one kit). I WANT to financial benefit my club...but they don't make it easy.

First, the club charges £40-50 postage on a shirt which costs that much...when I get it sent to me for £5-10 privately. Secondly, the range of merchandise is really poor. At last count, I have about 4 scarves, 3 coffee mugs and a baseball cap. Honestly, issuing a new baseball cap every year would cost about £1.50; T-shirts with slogans like "I can't see the Forest for the tree" would cost the same.

Seriously, if I could add a token season's ticket to my Rams Player subscription I would. Australian football clubs do this and they sell; people like me WANT to belong to the club we were born into.

I know Derby don't own the rights to football telecasts but would it be viable to (say) pay upfront to watch the games against Forest, etc (ie the games where we know we're televised)....I'm quite happy to listen to the Radio Derby commentary but there are certain games I like to watch so I end up subscribing to Setanta/Bein for a couple of months during the season. I'd much prefer to pay that money to Derby.

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