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Atrocious customer service in SW upper


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Dear Mr Morris

Please come into the SW upper stand at half time, and watch the atrocious customer service that us fans have to put up with by the contractors who provide beverages and food.

Ultimately you as a club must have some responsibility on the standards they currently provide, I won't go into specifics on here, but because the contractors have a monopoly across the concourse there is no alternative for us to turn to with our hard earned cash.

It affects the match day experience for me, to a point where I could jump over the counter and strangle one of the employees (don't worry I can control myself)

Please please please please take note of this complaint, I'm sure others on here are suffering the same unpleasant experience?

I'm happy to comment on exact experiences during this and last season if required in more detail.

Thanks for listening Mel, and look forward to discussing in more detail very soon.

Best regards


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