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6 match plan?


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Now Daveo has decided to split these posts , i'll explain myself better. I was a season ticket holder (STH) 

for over 20 years  (70's -90's) . it sort of got into a habit of going to matches even if i didn't particularly

enjoy what i was watching . New family commitments and mortgages , bills to be paid etc. made

me prioritise my way of living . I just couldn't afford to attend every home game so i reluctantly ceased being 

a STH , and chose to pick the games i wanted to see . These games got fewer and fewer as the years went by 

i was and always will be a Ram , but only followed them through local media , and odd  invite to games .

My love got re-kindled when DCFC offered the '6 Match Plan' two seasons ago , giving me more freedom 

to pick the matches to suit my needs in advance . i know some of you will call me a 'half fan'

(more like a quarter fan)  i'm not as addicted to watching live football as i was , but really enjoyed spreading my

support over those 6 games , and a few extra games including play off semis , Wembley etc. 

i don't think i'll ever be in a position to actually want a Full Season ticket again , as this would put more

unwanted pressure on me to attend . 

Shoot me down , if you want , but it's how i like to support my team ..

Up the Rams !!

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The idea of a 6-match plan, whether it's one where you can pick and choose or where it's a 'block' of half a dozen games - is a great idea. Of course, there is a specific number of season ticket holders that cannot be exceeded - I'm not sure what that figure is but let's say that it is 25,000. Let's assume that we currently have 23,500 current season ticket holders, so that would leave 1500 maximum to allocate. It's coming up to the half-way point, and I understand that the club are currently advertising half season tickets, so I think with us already being close to the theoretical maximum, it's unlikely that they will be selling a 6-match plan until they see how well (or otherwise) the half season tickets are going.

Good luck - you may need it.

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