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Peterboro: 33,010

Plymouth: 26,186

Sheff Utd: 28,441

Barnsley: 27,609

Bristol City: 27,144

Sheff Weds: 30,116

These are the attendances so far this season which means we are averaging at 28,751 so far this season.

Although the Barnsley game was a night match, and a poor performance so no doubt it was going to drop the next week.

Think we will average at 30 odd come end of the season but only with decent performances. Even our loyal support has the odd fickle few!

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Average Attendance Rankings

1. Newcastle United - 40801

2. Derby County - 28663

3. Sheffield United - 26611

4. Sheffield Wednesday - 23362

5. Leicester City - 22581

6. Nottingham Forest - 22398


Wtf is with the Cardiff stats? They're getting higher numbers than their capacity!

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