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Sickest Chants


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What are the sickest chants you have ever heard? And I mean so sick you wouldn't even sing them even if you're name was Trigger or sheepyderf.

The Wenger Bus is coming,

and all the kids are running.

From London to Manchester,

Wenger's a child molester.

What's that lying on the runway?

What's that lying in the snow?

It's Matt Busby and his boys,

making such a ******* noise,

cos they couldn't get their airplane to go!


When a girl says no,

Molest her!

Adebayor. Adebayor ....

Your Dad washes Elephants

and your Mum is a whore.

(To Cristiano Ronaldo)

Died in a tunnel!

You should have died in a tunnel

Died in a tunnel ...

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-Sol, Sol wherever you may be

Your on the verge of lunacy

And we couldn't give a **** if your hanging from a tree

You Judas cnut with HIV

-Middlesbrough after the Cleveland abuse scandal

Where's your kiddies gone

Where's your kiddies gone

-Harry Roberts is our mate is our mate

Harry Roberts is our mate,

He kills coppers

-With a pack of sweets and a perverts smile, Arsene Wenger's a paedophile

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My favourite that could probably make my Nan wretch: In your Nottingham slums, you look in the dustbin for something to eat, you find a dead rat and you think it's a treat. In your Nottingham slums! In your Nottingham slums, you **** in the hallway and piss in the bath, you finger your Gran and you think it's a laugh, in your Nottingham slums! In your Nottingham slums, your Mam's on the game and your Dad's in the nick, you can't get a job 'coz ur so ****** thick! In ur Nottingham slums.

gas em all , gas em all,

garth crooks and steve archibald

oh god bless old hitler cos he did his best

he gassed six million and we'll gas the rest

Whos that lying on the carpet

whos that lying on the floor

its a poor little scouser being grated through the fence

and he wont be going to hillsborough anymore

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(To the tune of 'You Are My Sunshine')

You are a scouser! A dirty scouser!

You're only happy on giro day.

You're mum's out stealin. You're dad's drug dealing.

So please don't take my hubcaps away.

Hardly sick is it?, having Trigger and Sheepy around you'l have to go some to be sick on this forum.

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i dont like the sick ones. there is an excellent song sheffield wednesday fans sing. really clever although i dont remember all the words,ends with ...my aunties a slag,and the yorkshire rippers my dad,la la la la la...something like that.

My fave sang at Derby in recent times was boxing day against liverpool.Feed the scousers,let them know its christmas time.Band aid tune.

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