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Known Forum Issues - Updated 22/4/15


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I will update this topic with known issues on the forum, please check this thread before opening a support topic or contacting me privately.

Problem: On iPad/Mobile, clicking the editor can sometimes take you back to the previous page or toggles notify me of replies button.

Temporary Solution: Use your device in portrait mode

Fix: Awaiting support feedback


Problem: Click submit reply yet it appears not to do anything.

Temporary Solution: DO NOT click submit reply again, come away from the page as it will have been posted. Clicking again will cause double posts.

Fix: Will be fixed in next update



Problem: On the homepage and new content showing new posts, go into the topic they are not showing. Or you have posted in a topic yet your post isn't showing,

Temporary Solution: Leave the page open for a few minutes until the popup box with show replies appears. You can also use the forum activity stream as a way to read the posts.


Fix: Support have been notified and they are currently looking at the issue, we have been escalated to higher support. 



Problem: On mobile/tablet the menu does not slide out or the post editor does not show.

Temporary Solution: Refresh the page

Fix: Bug reports are on the Support Forum, the editor not loading is marked as fixed for the next update


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