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World Cup rivals suggest injuries are intentional


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Croatia have implied that their star players are being intentionally injured by England ahead of next week's crucial World Cup qualifier between the two countries.

Tottenham ace Luka Modric has been ruled out for six weeks after fracturing his leg against Birmingham, while Arsenal's Eduardo broke his leg 18 months ago.

Croatia aim to derail England's hopes of qualifying for the World Cup by ending Fabio Capello's side's 100 per cent record with a win at Wembley on 9th September.

But their task will be tougher without Modric and it has been suggested that England, who won 4-1 in Zagreb last September, have been intentionally rough with Croats.

Croatia FA president Vlatko Markovic said: "First Eduardo, now Luka Modric. This is horrible. I can only ask myself if it was really an accident.

"I'm close to thinking it was done to us deliberately before the England match. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what happened to Luka. He is irreplaceable."

Markovic added: "Modric is the most important player of our national team. With him, everything starts and ends.

"Luka is for us as important as Andres Iniesta for Barcelona or Michael Ballack used to be for Bayern Munich. Without him we will be much weaker.

"There's nothing else we can do but keep our heads up and go on."


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Some people don't have two brain cells to rub together.

Players such as Arshavin, Ronaldo, Henry etc who have all played in the Premier League English players could have injured deliberately before a world cup but we didn't. Don't flatter yourselves Croatia!

Though there was that Argentinian cnut who tried to break Beckham's leg before some qualifying matches a few years ago I remember.

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