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I hate this


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Originally posted by Thornhill;2330

We need you mate, miles is ok but we need a proper defender

Teale was quality AGAIN


that's what some tit said to Deano on facebook, Miles not a proper defender? ******* idiot. :mad::mad:

Miles did well today, but he is not a natural defender, bit too heavy on the feet.

Just saw the highlights too....should have got tight to the Ronaldo header.

Overall not bad though. I'm sure he will be fine in that position for the rest of the CCC games should he put in performances like that.

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Originally posted by David;2336

Miles is a natural defender, Jewell tried to convert him to midfielder. Not sure why people are getting on the lads back, I think Leacock will struggle to get his place back when he returns.

I think, when he gets more pace into his game he will become a natural defender. Like i said he did do well in the game though.

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