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Championship Manager - Pay what you want


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Just come across the Championship Manager 2010 game and this year you can pay what you want for the game, although a £2.50 transaction charge is payable so you can buy the game for £2.51. The game will be £29.99 in store so if you pre-order the digital copy you've got a bargain!


This pre-order is exclusively for the full digital version of the game, delivered straight to your desktop from 00:00 on September 11th 2009.

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Originally posted by derbydan;29935

i'd rather play fifa tbh manager games are abit borin

Absolutely. I bought FM09 this year and it cost good money. Played it once. Never touched it again. People who love FM will hate me for this.

I'd rather play a game like FIFA that maximises the graphic ability of a console than some crap 2D match action. It's nothing like managerial work at all.

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