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How To: Posting Images


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Desktop View


1) Click the image icon on the toolbar



2) Paste the image link in the popup box and click ok




Mobile View


Because the toolbar does not work on mobiles and tablets you must enter the image code manually



[image]INSERT URL HERE[/image]



You can upload images directly to the forum using more reply options next to the post button



1) Choose File


2) Attach file


3) Add to Post


How to find image URL


Because every browser is different I'm just showing how to on Google images


1) Click on the image to open


2) Click the view image button



3) Copy the URL in the address bar



4) Paste into the pop up or the image code


Other Info


Images must end with either .jpeg or , when copying from sites like Twitter you will need to remove the :large at the end of the url for the image to work





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