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Don't really mean from the fans, but from the point of view of the club, I would be in our best interest to go up. Preferably automatically too. The play offs are a lottery as everybody knows, 6-2 demolition of Brighton meant nothing when we couldn't beat an ageing 10 man squad for.

All the new contracts handed out, Thorne etc, means we have a higher wage bill (I don't have the numbers to hand but that's what I'm assuming unless someone can tell me otherwise which would be grateful). And also means we are geared for promotion this year too.

Don't want to sound pessimistic but this has to be our season. We managed to tie Bryson and Keogh and to a degree Hughes because they were told this was the season to do it. The players have that mentality too. If we don't go up this year, it could mean losing our best players because they want to be. The top division (Hughes and Bryson are Premeir League players IMO). Albeit we would lose them for good money (you'd think) if they have been tied down to long term contracts.

In a way we have to do it this year. And I can't face another Wembley match, not another. And I don't want to see the ramifications of not going up this year.

This also isn't a reaction to losing one match. I still think we can go up automatically, and that should be the target. But we do need to perform. I was saying to friend we haven't really played to our best apart from Blackburn and Fulham and we are still top, it will be scary when we start playing to our best.

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