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David is thinking of getting a xBox 360 for his new house, he wants to play Fifa against mates and have a bash at Call of Duty online. David won't be getting many games as he's not a massive gamer, he'l probably get a couple of racing games and maybe GTA and thats it.

Now I've been looking and they do 20gig, 40gig and 60gig. Roughly how much space would a save file of Fifa and Call of Duty use? I may aswell save a few pennys than have tons of space spare that I will never use.

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Get one.

You don't need much memory to save games. Though you can download demos off XBL and copy games to your hard drive so a bit of memory is good. It depends what you need it for.

I'd recommend the 20Gb if you don't need that much memory. The 60Gb if you want a bit more. I think you'd have to be a memory eating monster if you wanted 80-120Gb.

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My mate his selling his.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium 20 GB White Console Excellent Condition

You will recieve the Xbox 360 Premium Console with all the original accessories including official and all original:

20 GB hard drive

Power brick

Brand New HD/AV cable

Brand New Ethernet cable

Never removed from packaging Manual

Blue wireless controller instead of the normal white one this includes 2 rechargeable battery packs, 1 blue battery pack and 1 white

Wired headsetQuick charge kit


Basically everything you would expect to see in premium console except you have a blue wireless controller instead of a white one and you will recieve FIFA 09.

I am asking for £140

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brand new ps3 with 80gb h/drive (which is easily upgraded with a sata h/drive upto 1tb) and 2 games not to mention this also plays dvd's and blue rays which the xbox doesn't without extra bits added on £299 from game and the xbox equivalent is £239 and doesn't play blu rays plus the online subsciption / points mounts up

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just do what i did and walk in and say you need help and i got sold the cheapest console, and free pick off games. and i only spent £240 and that was like 2 years ago, i got an aamzing deal. 2 controllers, 5 games wireless connector and i think 80gb xbox

it might not be all over the country but the game in chelmsford have amazing customer service

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go for the 20 gig if you not gettin many games. I got a 120 and still have about 40 gig spare, and thats with about 150 games saved as well as music, about 20 arcade games plus all my game add ons like map packs and song packs for guitar hero and rock band.

the reason sony don't charge for online gaming is because their service is poo.

i have had both consoles and would rather pay for my xbox subscription than have it free if it was as bad as ps3s

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David XBOX 360 is old technology so dont wast much money on it I would say. Yes their are great games so if you go for it try this link and a console will cost you peenuts. Then not much lost.


Look lower down on it you can get a console at 60gb for £50ish

PS3 is a much better console and has most the same games except the likes of Halo etc but will cost you alot more.

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