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DCFC Academy 2014-2015


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Second year scholars



Erik Behrens



Max Lowe - LB

Jack Tuite - CB

Tom Rigby

Jorna Moulton

Sam Dryden



Mo Adams

Tom Bennett

Guy Clennett



Callum Guy

Charles Vernam

Offrande Zanzala


First Year Scholars



Joshua Nash


Positions not known (please post if you know where thery play)

Alex Baboos

Jared Bird

James Carvell

Alex Cover

Kellan Gordon

Calum MacDonald

Tom Mellors

Kyron Stabana

Ethan Wassall

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2013/14 Second Year Scholars offered pro deals


Jamie Hanson - CB/DM

Farrend Rawson - CB

Kwame Thomas - SC


2013/14 Second Year Scholars released


Jakub Spiriak - GK

Josh Nash - RB

Kurt Revan - M

Matteo Capitani - CM

Darryl Carrigy - SC

Andre Johnson

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