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As the tables stand (with one game left in Premier), which 7 teams of the 92 are currently in their highest league position since 1965?


Also, which 6 teams are currently in their lowest league position since 1965?

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My Southampton shout was stupid, think heard them on Sky the other day say it's their highest Premier League finish.


Forgot there was football before the Prem.


Pretty sure the other three are right, and JW's Brentford call is right I think. Newport probably is as well.


Where did the Daggers finish this season? Think they finished one spot out the play offs the other season but could be wrong. 

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The answers:



Bournemouth (30)
Cardiff (20)
Crawley (58)
Fleetwood (72)
Liverpool (1)
Hull (15)
Yeovil (44)


Bristol Rovers (91)
Coventry (62)
Fleetwood (72)
Portsmouth (81)
Torquay (92)
Wycombe (90)



Fleetwood have finished 72nd in all three of their seasons.


You could argue Newport are at their highest too although I didn't include them due to Newport County being in the league until the 80's. I'm not sure if the club folded and reformed.


Brentford and York have both played second flight football. York most memorably in the mid 70's when they faced a certain Manchester United. Villa played in the third flight in the late 60's or early 70's.

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