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dean leacock


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heard a very intresting rumor today involving said player

my dad is a memeber of david lloyds, any way aparently he is super fit, with no muscle injuries to speak off, BUT my old man was told bya secret source of information that old deano has ment to off broken a vetrebrae or suffered some sort of stress fracture in his back...

now were not sure if its a reliable source or not but leacock is ment to be down llyods quite often as they have some top notch physios so possible it could be true,

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I wonder why so many Mercs, BMWs, Audis and 4x4s are going in and out of DL all the time.

Darren Moore is a legend, I'm sure he was gentle.

As for Leacock, he was pictured in training wasn't he so his injury can't be too serious.

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