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Shed End

Red Elvis

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My Garden Shed (My Garden Shed)

Is better than this (Is Better Than This)

My Garden Shed is Better Than This!

Its Got a Router and a LCD TV

My Garden Shed is Better Than This!

Thank You David, Boycie for the Away End

Heres where we rekindle the Red Tattoo Project.


I will respect the Board innitiative of staying in the Away End,

Mainly because I don't believe a word of it:D

Forest Fledgling Football gonna be gooooooooooooooooood!

Sooner or Later (SOL)

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I didn't want to post on the Derby only boards anyway:p

Loads of tosh on there:p

My thoughts: The Forest Flegling Football is a template adopted after the 3 seasons of woe!

I am all behind it, and love it.

However last two games, threadbare in Cup and even thinner on ground in the League.

So if we can get any of Earnshaw Anderson Moussi Bennett Perch off the injury list, and grab a couple of loannees till end of season with experience, we will be alright.

February 21st could see the Brian Clough Trophy at the City Ground, and the learning curve that this Forest team are going through will hold them in good stead for the future.

Thanks for welcome, I know you don't really mean it!

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So big that Dele Adebola preferred to stay at Bristol City and is glad the club never accepted your offer?

He preferred to stay at a club thats achievements could be written down on one square sheet of Andrex.

Welsh Cup winners: 1934

Second Division champions: 1905–06

Third Division South champions: 1922–23, 1926–27, 1954–55

Football League Trophy winners: 1985–86, 2002–03

Anglo-Scottish Cup winners: 1977–78

Doesnt that show how much your 2 European cups mean in modern day football?

Shall I stop there or shall I go on to talk about the non-league player that also turned down the chance to join your big club?

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Not getting into the comparing sizes debate, I have to be at work in the morning

Lets put it this way, I think our club would be a more attractive option to join at the moment if the player had a choice of joining Derby or Forest. You only have to look at Porter turning down the chance to join Cardiff who are sat at 4th in the table to join a Derby team that have been struggling of late.

I'm sure Billy will find you a nice bunch of average Scottish players to boost your numbers next week, maybe theres a few Gretna players still looking for clubs

Just remember your still viewed as a League 1 club by many including Dele Adebola

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I'm glad you dodged that Big Club Question;)

However I would not say Forest are viewed as a League One team.

But the Transfer Cap and criteria of Forest Fledgling Football,

that BD has acknowledged like the History is the Long Term aim of Nottingham Forest FC.

I am very very happy with this, and only time will tell if this Template is a successful one!

Up to 2-0 you and many seen the Potential, a little more experience and players in from injury, 2/3 experienced bodies and ALL GOOD!


But mine is bigger than yours Club that is:D, and maybe that as well;)

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