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feedback wanted - duplicate post


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Posting in here in case the feedback section isn't viewed.


I'm looking for some feedback from people who I've never met and who I have no emotional ties to.


I've writtten a couple of chapters of a book that I may publish for charity. So far all of my friends love it and would buy it.


As I've only got 3 friends and one of those is me talking to myself, I'd be looking to throw it open to 4 or 5 of you on here.


So far there's probably a couple of hours solid reading (4 or 5 chapters worth). I can either send all of it or a random chapter.


It's written as if I'm a child so wont be massively complicated but it will take some patience to read!!


If you're open to helping me out (and swearing to secrecy) PM me.


I won't tell anyone on here that you're involved. I'd prefer as well if the people who would help me out will also not talk about it on here.




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