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Even Ronaldo may have his price to tempt ruthless Fergie


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If I occupied Sir Alex Ferguson's seat - and Manchester United followers can sleep easily in the knowledge it will not happen - I would be very interested to see if there are any summer bids for Cristiano Ronaldo. After his prolonged sulk when replace


[url=http://feeds.therams.co.uk/%7Er/therams/%7E3/E9dv0uHYOwc/even-ronaldo-may-have-his-price-to-tempt-ruthless-fergie]

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I hope he stays as long as he can stay on his feet and let his football do the talking, he's one of the best if not the best players in the world at the moment and you want to see the best players play. I wish Kaka had gone to Man City as well I've only seen him play in one or two games and it would of been good to see him on MOTD on Saturday nights.

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Originally posted by David;17368

I watch the Championship as well, I just enjoy watching players such as Ronaldo play, yeah he can be a complete tw@t but nobody can deny is a gifted player.

I'd have liked to have seen him play 20 years ago when tackling was allowed in football.

Just to see how he would've coped after a full-back gave him a cruncher in the first minute.

Football's more or less a no-contact sport now :mad:

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