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Extra officials to be tested


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Europa League matches next season will be played with five officials as part of a trial by Fifa and Uefa.

The re-named tournament, formally known as the Uefa Cup, will be used as an experimental way of improving decision-making as opposed to using technology.

The idea has been sanctioned by Fifa president Sepp Blatter and Uefa president Michel Platini, who is said to prefer preserving the human element in decision-making.

The system involves an extra official standing on the side of each goal, assisting the referee with the two touchline assistants making decisions by communicating through headsets.

Fifa and its rule-making wing, the International Football Association Board, originally ordered the system to be tested as an alternative to using video replay evidence.

Uefa then used the system at Under-19 European Championship qualifying matches in Slovenia, Hungary and Cyprus where it was deemed successful enough to be tried at a higher level.

Uefa noted that the extra pair of eyes monitoring play in each area had a preventative effect as well as promoting better decisions on suspected fouls.

Players were less prone to shirt-pulling at corners and free-kicks, diving in the area and dissent it was reported.

The Europa League is the continent's second-tier club competition behind the Champions League.

More than 150 clubs will take part in the restructured tournament, with qualifying-round matches beginning in July.


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They think there testing Nuclear weapons in Korea, what exactly has to be tested?, what could possibly go wrong with a extra official stood next to each goal?

Had we had this in place last season we would of beat that rabble from down the road 3 times last season.

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What happened to the goal line technology where the ball had a chip inside it that alerted the 4th official when the ball had crossed the line?

They have a decent idea, test it in a random game in Iraq find out it works perfectly then you don't hear of it ever again.

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