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vBulletin Licence


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Right guys & girls,

I purchased a vBulletin leased licence in October last year for the DerbyvForest forum that me and Boycie setup and transferred it to this site once we decided a Derby fans forum was the way to go forward.

This licence expires in October and I have the choice of extending it for another year, upgrade to a owned licence which means the licence never expires although theres a small fee each yeah for upgrades or move to new forum software.

Before you all jump up and down if we did move to a new forum all usernames, avatars, pm's, posts, boards the lot would be transferred over, I have already successfully transferred it to several boards to have a play around to see what the options are.

Now its upto you guys really, if you want to stay with this forum software then I will cough up and buy the owned licence or if your not fussed either way I will look to move it.

It's upto you guys really so let me know what you think.

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i don't really mind mate if everything is moved over and it doesn't cost you owt then happy days but if you want to stay here then that is fine as well just out of curiosity how much is it gonna cost for the licence anyway?

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vBulletin would be £50 for another year or £100 for a owned licence but you havce to pay about £20 every year still to get the upgrades which fix any bugs and have new features etc.

Where as forums such as SMF, PHPBB3, MyBB and PUNBB are all free and will never cost a penny.

Or theres IPB which is around £90 and I believe thats for a owned licence aswell.

vBulletin and IPB are the better forums which is why they cost money although the free forums will do the job.

I can convert the forum over to the free options and you can all have a nosey around if that would be better, then at least you can't all turn round and say this ones crap lol.

I would rather get it all dealt with during the summer instead of waiting till October during the season.

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Originally posted by tealeisgod;16958

What ever is most functional and cheapest. Don't take the route of the DET by going for the most expensive and least functional forum imaginable.


As long as there is a DCFC Fans forum that works and does all of what this does, cool beans.

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