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Did anyone else watch all eight episodes of "Hunted" recently and if so were they scared witless and then left utterly and totally confused by the last episode?

Talk about leaving all te questions unanswered.

Well fear not!

This article will probably leave you more confused than ever, and I hope you're as good at running as Sam Hunter (Melissa George) had to be.

Hunted: season one, episode eight

The end of the series, at last, but what do we actually know – apart from how to recognise a quality woollen hat?


Another episode, another hat: Melissa George as Sam Hunter. Photograph: Giles Keyte/BBC/Kudos

Spoiler alert: this blog is for those watching Hunted on BBC1. Please do not read on if you haven't seen episode eight

What we know

And so the time has come to say goodbye. Goodbye to Sam's [url=

Pob pout, the hats, that case, the giant rabbit, the heavy-handed parallels between Sam and the sodding Snow Maiden. For eight weeks we have brow-furrowed our way through the clues and red herrings and now we finally know.

Almost nothing at all! Let's glance at our evidence collage one last time before we pack it sadly into plastic crates. (Throw the milk away, obv.)

1. Jack Turner has spent 20 years building his empire in order to thoroughly piss on Polyhedris's chips by undermining their bid for the Khyber damn. How he knew they would one day bid for it is anyone's guess. But it was they who apparently cut off that very personal part of his dead son's anatomy and that clearly made Jack quite cross and resentful. I can't help thinking therapy would have been a cheaper, less convoluted approach.

2. The man with half a finger missing just visible in the photo of Polyhedris's CEO in the paper, had something to do with Sam's childhood abduction and her mother's murder. Possibly. Or it could have been someone else with half a finger missing.

3. Deacon was sent (presumably by Keel) as a decoy gunman to "kill" Sam during her meeting with Zoe on that bridge so that Mysterious Brunette Woman (the Polyhedris assassin) was convinced her work had been done for her and her target could disappear once more, presumed dead. Sam was clearly wearing a bullet-proof vest, but then if I were Sam Hunter I would also wear a bullet-proof vest.

4. Tyrone is Jack Turner's illegitimate son. Jack told Tyrone to shove Stephen's wife in the pond because he didn't like the cut of her jib. What a heel. Discovering this, Stephen petulantly packed a bag rather than shooting his dad's face off or giving him a jolly good talking to. Could he be any wetter?

5. The "woman in the window" was in fact a nosy girl who had witnessed Mrs Turner's murder but had only just decided to tell poor widowed Stephen about it. When Stephen asked her why she had waited until now I expected her to answer: "Because it's episode eight and it's my last chance for a line. All I've done for eight weeks is stare and scratch my arms."

6. The milk and the boot were total curve balls. They're laughing at me now as I sit rocking, clinging tightly to a two-month-old carton of stinking curds. That'll teach me to overthink things.

7. That storybook Sam's mother gave her has been the key to Sam's character all along. Wowzas. "The moment she saved that boy's life she sentenced herself to death," said Deacon to the other spies. Like in the Snow Maiden! "I thought Sam had ice in her veins," added Fowkes. LIKE IN THE SNOW MAIDEN!

Hat watch

It was a bumper week of knitted joy for keen hat-watchers. First we saw Sam jogging by the canal in a close-knit black cable number: very much a woolly representation of her inner resolve. It was versatile too and also worked well for puking and crying. Then, in honour of Eddy's birthday, she donned an old grey favourite with matching snood which I felt wasn't quite grand enough to sip champagne in. Perhaps a pom-pom or diamanté broach to style it up? But best of all was the black (or possibly dark green) beanie of triumph at the end, back in Scotland. And the baby had her own baby beanie too!

Lines of the week

• When Fowkes gets a bit cross that Sam hasn't retrieved the case yet, Zoe snaps back at him: "Next time, why don't you try strapping on a bra and being Sam?" It makes literally no sense at all and is my favourite line of the whole series. Hurrah.

• Runner up is Fowkes with this wonderfully awkward nonsense to Keel: "It's been good, you know. I've really been enjoying it." What, all the killing and spying and that?

• Zoe (again) says, by way of apology when she has apparently lured Sam to her doom: "How **** is this?" Biggest understatement ever.

What we still definitely don't know

1. "Aidan's" real identity. Sam still has the key to the safety deposit box containing his MI6 file but she didn't have the courtesy to find out for us before the end of the series.

2. Why Hourglass wants Sam Hunter rubbed out. Perhaps we will never know. I've decided I can probably live with that because the idea of plunging back into [url=http://www.deadline.com/2012/11/cinemax-eyes-new-incarnation-of-hunted-with-frank-spotnitz-and-melissa-george/]the Cinemax reboot (if it ever makes it to UK screens) fills me with dread and foreboding. I mean, my house smells like cheese, my nerves are shredded and my husband insists I have to put the door back into the dining room as it's too hard trying to serve dinner through a little hole in the fake fireplace.

3. What happened to Blank Face Man? Is he waiting for Sam in Scotland? Is he already there, cleverly disguised as a baby? Imagine those evil, dead eyes peering out from under a little lacy bonnet.

4. Where the hell did Sam got that baby from? Dial-a-Baby? I suppose we have to assume that Sam didn't lose her baby after all and she had a friend look after it for her while she ran around London in a beanie, punching men. Either that or some seriously dodgy adoption agency has decided that a woman with no visible means of support who spends long periods away from home and lives exclusively on tinned Spam is the ideal carer for a new life.

And there we have it. Thanks for all the comments and helpful theorising; it's been a blast. If you have any further information to pass me in a coffee-stained folder, you can find me on Twitter [url=https://twitter.com/JNRaeside]@jnraeside. But for now it's woolly hats on, pouts foremost and onwards to a new day. *Brave smile on Scottish mountain top*

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