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  1. Now we've changed our style not to match up with the opposition and play our own way we'll be fine. It won't be great but not relegation. Why we decided to do that last season is still beyond me.
  2. Yeah, not fit to shine Clod's shoes.
  3. Where did burley find all those players for peanuts? Whose recruitment was that?
  4. I'm beginning to think he's not of sound mind...
  5. I thought the same thing. I can't fully remember the article though.
  6. Most fans would have appointed Cocu given his track record.
  7. Rooney and the management team, if you can call them that, look very relaxed.
  8. Joz is a dumbass. So many silly free kicks
  9. I wish Brentford would score so I can stop watching...
  10. If they were, then we wouldn't be in this position. We wouldn't allow it.
  11. Perhaps Rooney needs to hear some home truths about his managing.
  12. Woke up, checked my phone expecting to see Rooney sacked. Soooo disappointed. I wouldn't mind if it was Gardening leave until next season. Just want mac in and hopefully a new manager bounce. We need something. We've lost to teams that have had 1 win in 9 games etc. Tells you everything.
  13. I would be booing at the top of my lungs right now if I was there. These players need it. Rooney needs it.
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