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  1. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/32461/12040150/sheffield-wednesday-given-12-point-deduction-for-breaching-efl-rules Because of the sale of the stadium. Will happen in the next season. What does this mean for us?
  2. Should have kept Zuby working with Carson.
  3. https://youtu.be/dt_EwmU3dTw
  4. Deserves a new thread if the others get one! Doesn't look at out place in the senior team. Always finds a pass and quietly goes about his business. Picked up the captains armband from Rooney. That's no accident. I think he'll carry on developing and made us absorb the loss of Bielik. Could be a top player in the years to come.
  5. Max Bird alluded to the fact he reads forum pages like this. So, Louis, you've done okay, but plenty of players don't make it even if they have good starts like you. Don't let it all get to your head. In saying that, what a goal my son! and don't listen to Max, he supports United the scumbag.
  6. Feel annoyed to be losing to these chumps. 2 gifts.
  7. Knight almost cost another. Great stop Roos
  8. I think there is on sky sports football.
  9. Wow, really enjoyed that! I hope we don't set up to counter attack in the second half! Let's keep the pressure on. Coyr!
  10. I hate how we defend leads instead continuing to control games like we did in the first half. Why invite pressure. I'm sure there's statistics to go with what Cocu's doing but I hate it.
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