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  1. Excellent analysis. Enjoyed reading that. Well played to the chap that wrote it.
  2. Mine too. I'd be excited if he was taking charge. Attacking football. Goals. Oh my god, goals. Even half chances from open play. SIGN HIM UP!
  3. What kind of football would a Paul Cook team play? I know he got a lot of clean sheets, but that's all I know.
  4. I disagree. We've got loads of potential. If we get a manager to get the best out of this crop then things will look up very quickly.
  5. I just listened to it too. His voice was breaking, thought he was going to cry.
  6. I actually think Cocu is going to get the team playing well. There were spells where it looked much better, we just didn't sustain it. Our playing style has changed since the Norwich game, with a much quicker tempo. I still have faith in the man. I worry he's losing confidence in himself though. I think he'll come good. Seen enough in short spells to see his style. Don't forget his bad luck in losing players to injury. All the players back and a quick tempo will see goals return. Now's not the time to lose out heads to emotional reactions as painful as it seems this evening.
  7. Norwich paints their away dressing room in pink to lower testosterone levels, with our kit they needn't bothered. At least some players can camouflage at half time if their performance is poor...
  8. Silly thread. It was pretty bad yesterday but there were some positives. Tempo was quicker and some of the football was decent. The midfield combo doesn't work. Change that and get a hold up striker in and the entire team dynamic changes. Form will improve with cocu in place but not until those pieces are there. He has a style of football that can work. Can you honesty say previous managers would have played knight, bird, sibs, buchanan and whitaker and had success. 2 players max at time. He doesn't have those options yet but he will. That players will also develop. His new signing
  9. On a serious note, can anyone remember the uber eat code? I'm hungry.
  10. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/32461/12040150/sheffield-wednesday-given-12-point-deduction-for-breaching-efl-rules Because of the sale of the stadium. Will happen in the next season. What does this mean for us?
  11. Should have kept Zuby working with Carson.
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