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  1. Watching this is making dry January really difficult
  2. Isn't much point watching away games. Let's at least try and be positive.
  3. Good. He's too negative. I want to hear the view of a professional giving a balanced view point. RD needs to move away from mates in a pub talking football to pros giving a thoughtout insight.
  4. I think that's more about the long term. He wants all his sides with the youth teams to play the same way. That's why I think he abandoned the diamond. He wants the step from to be easy, but it only works if all the sides play the same way. That's the only explanation I can think of... In the end- I think he wants controlled patient football, until we score the first goal and then hit them on the counter for the second. It only works with a good defence that can play out from the back and technical players that can move the ball quickly, all of which, he doesn't have.
  5. I think that's the balance he's struggling with. We saw in some games there are no options further forward so created no changes. Conversely Reading away we had too many forward and conceded a penality. In my honest opinion, I think he's used to players with more technical ability and tactical know how. He started the season wanting one touch football, but soon abandoned that as soon as he realised the players were not up to it. He needs more his kind of players, technical players, before we'll see the real Cocu team we want to see. I can see that balance in the last few games, I'm sure he'll get there, sooner than later.
  6. Yeah, I kinda get that but he has been running hard most of the game and we were one man down for most of the match. Thats gonna take a toll.
  7. Have some of mine. I brought some after the Millwall game. I'll pop it in the post for ya.
  8. That's ruined the entire game. What a muppet.
  9. I knew this game was going to be poor before it started. Recently we can't seem to build and attack with hardly any shots on target versus a side that sits deep and attacks on the counter. They are winning with 38% of the ball. That's predictable
  10. It's like the players are over thinking everything. I think Cocu has over-complicated the tactics. COCU! THE PLAYERS ARE THICK! Make it simples for them to understand!
  11. You could think that, or it could be that Cocu wants us to be tactically flexible and adapt systems to opposition. The more systems the players are able to play, the better their understanding of football. Maybe this approach is better long term. Or I could be talking out of my A hole and Cocu doesn't have a clue. 🤣
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