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  1. Could you explain that post? Just for the comedy value?
  2. Doesn't his contract expire at the end of this season?
  3. Remember how important CM was to Mac 1. The 433 didn't work without him holding up the ball and bringing the wingers into play. I think he'll be just as important to Cocu's 433. CM could very well kick-start our season.
  4. Thanks for the player analysis, Mr Cocu. Yes, I sanction the sale of said player. Kind regards, M. Morris.
  5. Looks like it was Lawrence's fault to me. Heavy touch. Really poor from him.
  6. Marriott seems to be the panacea to all our tactical woes. Yes he's a good player but it's more based on systems. We play with one striker, which makes it difficult. I wish people would stop making out he's the second coming or some conspiracy. 😂
  7. Very attention seeking. If you don't want to buy a shirt with logo, don't buy one. Don't beat a big drum about it. If it is a Rams trust, support the Rams. The deal helps us. There are already enough haters. We don't need them in house too.
  8. I have a feeling we're not gonna concede many this year. We're very well organised, even this B team. If we can unlock defences and score, we're in for a good season.
  9. What a legend this man is. Deserves massive respect, even more so after this afternoon. All hail Mel.
  10. Why didn't we bloody buy him? 3.5 mil, plus they have probably got a decent loan fee from us making it an even better deal for them. Buggers
  11. Take off your clogs lad, we're playing football this year...
  12. Steve Mac said a few years ago he's completed a course by the FA in becoming a director of football. So defo seems a possibility since he's experienced the Dutch game.
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