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  1. I was actually looking forward to this game. Its been painful
  2. Frank needs to play the same way, home or away. I get the feeling he sets up to be cautious away from home. We need to make teams worry about us rather than adapting to the opposition.
  3. We don't do well against teams that try and play football. Thinking the Villa game. All one sided. There's something wrong there. Don't have enough football savy to pin point exactly what. Is it the pressing? Is it composure playing it out when we're under the cosh? Any ideas?
  4. Can't believe we sold Ince and got Lawrence in. He needs to pass the bloody ball. PASS THE BALL
  5. Difficult pitch for us to play on but we tried our best to stick to our style. Not a poor performance. I say we did well considering the pitch. On we go. In the hat. No one could possibly complain at that game. On another day we could be out. Well played to AS. Tried their best. Credit to the FA cup. Bogle MVP for taking one for the team. Great timing and maturity for the professional challenge.
  6. Watching this is making me angry. Absolutely pathetic. Why are we lumping it up to no one? Strung no passes together at all.
  7. Carson has changed this season. Still a good keeper but not as good as he was. Maybe the change of the goal keeping coach wasn't such a good idea. He said last season he was in the form of his life. Get the old coach back. Was it that zubey fella?
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