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  1. I wish we would work on our own game rather than always setting up for the opposition. We don't ever have a flow. Not even sure what our identity is. We have plans B to Z but no plan A.
  2. Bring on Watson. Need some quality in the middle. He looked like he could find a pass and a forward pass at that.
  3. Wisdom had a really good game I thought. Some good passing and key interceptions.
  4. I wonder if Zoon would have played well under Rooney. Doubt he's around to know at end of the season.
  5. You know what, massive credit to Rooney and LR for tactics. We purposely played a different game to nullify the Boro press. They just didn't know what to do. This is plan B. Mark of a good manager. He's properly won me over. Hats off to him.
  6. I like how we are making good teams look ordinary or poor in terms of today. Sign of a good team. We really limit shots at goal. Considering how long we've been defensively frail, it's a welcome change. 3 wins on the trot. I'm getting a nose bleed. If we figure out how to play against poor teams around us, it will be 4. With the neat short passing I saw today, I think we can dominate Rotherham.
  7. Our short passing in tight areas was excellent today. They must have worked on that this week. Makes such a huge difference. Lots of little touches when under pressure. Brilliant.
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