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  1. Can i get a 'feel' for working 11-12 hour shifts on average the whole way through lock down collecting waste, usually starting 5-530am? I'll be eternally grateful. I'm glad today is one of my easier days so I'll be home for 4/430, traffic permitting (touch wood).
  2. Me too, it may mean getting back to the yard, unloading as quickly as possible then heading off without restocking the van, i may see how much overstock i can get on on Tuesday afternoon! Probably end up missing the first 15-30 minutes.
  3. There was definitely at least 1 person giving us a chance, after the Charlton game i had every faith we'd pick up. It'll be in a post somewhere on here. Probably including my bet. I don't put £7 on 50/1 shots easily. I'm not that stupid. COYR
  4. That's what I thought, Sibley pen was more of a pen than the second one!
  5. The end to this season could shape up to be something special, at this rate teams will be chopping and changing places like there's no tomorrow.
  6. Didn't want the whole match, and of what I did see i wasn't really concentrating. But do we reckon we could beat them? Based on our performance today, their result and yes I know it's early days, i reckon they're good for at least a draw. Thoughts?
  7. Still got mine going. Promotion @ 100/1, top 6 @ 50/1
  8. Me too, nearly went with my ex but for some reason we didn't, genuinely can't remember why. Watched it on the box though, everything went out the window for me when Fellaini scored in injury time, but we were not going to give up that easily. What a game.
  9. Are those teams only a few points off those positions with the amount of games remaining? No. Derby still have every (and i think a good chance) of getting into the play offs. Not winning them, but getting there. Football is a funny old game. We've got a lot of tough games ahead but if we start getting a few wins and draws and other teams above slip up to late goals for a draw or loss, there's every chance for us. 5 points off the play offs with 27 points to play for is a damn good position to be in to have an exciting end to the season.
  10. From my non existent lip reading skills, i think the ref says 'f' ing hit that ', or something to that effect. I'm sure f' ing is the first word. I'd really like to know what he said now!
  11. Leeds away po semi final last season, late decision to go, after everything that had happened previously in the season, and having lost to them in the previous 3 matches, i will never ever forget how i felt when Marriott scored and at the final whistle. I could've stayed and partied all night in that stadium.
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