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  1. I will be watching the first half then heading off to run a line with a 2pm ko so I'll not be paying attention to the second half, though I'm sure I'll hear it from someone near me... So that's the chance of Derby being relegated AND heavy rain due on Saturday, what a day to be alive eh?
  2. Charlton not netting did me over for £150 from £2, had them btts and draw but no, just wasn't to be...
  3. Seeing as this league is as unpredictable as anything, I've gone for a Sibbers hat trick... You heard it here first! (we'll still lose 4-3, mind)
  4. Roger Lloyd Pack for me, and Alan Rickman as mentioned. I grew up watching Only Fools as a kid, even though I was born in 1990, and still to this day laugh out loud at some of the lines Trigger delivers. Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood, so Alan Rickman for that reason.
  5. A top of the table team that wins 5-0 then loses 5-0 next game... Could be a historical moment.
  6. Mine was rather boring, I presume he runs a 'seafood' restaurant... https://miami.cbslocal.com › flo... Web results Florida Man Caught With Nearly 200 Illegal Lobsters – CBS Miami
  7. Was trying to find a fact I saw on twitter last season I believe, but came across these from last season... With their 3-0 win against Aston Villa, Man Utd became the first team in Premier League history to win four consecutive matches by a margin of 3+ goals. They also became the first team to win a Premier League game on all seven days of the week.
  8. What if it stops a (clear) goal scoring opportunity?
  9. Not a lot, but then with those odds, would you really? I still believe though...
  10. I wouldn't say a ref WILL do that, but it would be an easy way to even things up. Remember refs are human...
  11. I don't know, maybe the ref didn't see the arm around Wisdom as enough of an offence whereas the perceived foul on the keeper was... Maybe it was angles, maybe he bottled it. We may never know.
  12. I don't think they will see them, it's not a good idea to let yourself be influenced by something like that.
  13. On the offside, I don't know. I don't make the laws, I just go with what I'm given, even if I don't agree, I don't have much choice. I think the offside law re 2 players is fine as it is though, I wouldn't change it. It's been that way for years, we don't need more stuff changing! Kick offs, again, I think fine as they are. The team kicking off should be allowed the advantage as they've won the toss/been given the decision /conceded a goal. Putting them under I pressure isn't necessary imo. If a player or team does a fake ko numerous times, refs have tools at their disp
  14. I shall go and have a look, I'm not being notified of all posts for some reason, so my apologies.
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