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  1. Jason knight looked good ,when he came on
  2. started off a bit slow but in control , Quickly ran out of ideas, Didnt believe in what they were trying to do, started playing as individuals . Bristol could see it and became more and more confident. An Early Goal by Marriott 2nd half should settle us down ✌
  3. Oh....sorry pearl Ram 🙄.....50 years! You old spunker!.. I'd keep that to myself 😉
  4. What you on about you daft t**t? When have ever made a smart arse comment? When u see a lack of desire and commitment in a player, why shouldn't I call it out I've been following Derby for more than 45 years! Sorry my option has upset the snowflake and socially crippled generation ffs!
  5. Yes he was the worst player today! I felt sorry for Lowe playing out of position with zoon on the same wing. No effort, no closing down, and quick to throw his arms up and point at other Derby players to deflect his bad positioning and work rate.
  6. No mate zoon was the worst player I've seen in yeeeeeeeears! No idea what he was doing, no effort! Did you notice in 2nd half when the natural ball was zoon , we switched play rather than play it to him? The fans knew and so did the players! Useless!
  7. At 0-1 it was all Derby. Can't help thinking we have let them in, and I'll be surprised to see Zoon in the 2nd half.
  8. 1-1 Absolutely against the run of play. Derby should of been 0-2 up. Im afraid Zoon seems to be about 2 or 3 seconds behind the run of play?
  9. Anyone else not get there ticket via the post? I've now been told I'll have to pick them up at stoke's stadium tomorrow !
  10. So how many teams are sponsored by 32Red? And do any of there players wear the number 32? Remember people complaining about having "Just eat" sponsoring us , we still sell retro Derby shirts with "Bass"(Ale) sponsor on it. Seems like everything you enjoy in life is Bad for you?...including supporting Derby county 😆
  11. Completely agree. But that's offensive to every decent person.
  12. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4541484/Derby-fans-rangers-celtic/ Making friends north of the border 🇬🇧😆.....and enemies 🤔
  13. Right! That's our first song sorted
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