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  1. Mbhanny

    Bugger all happening

    I hear ya. I just think we can accomplish quite a bit with less turnover then some seem to want. I’m advocate for trimming the side, giving a couple of youth a go, and bringing in only a couple new faces to start the season. I think that approach will provide financial relief while not hurting our chances to perform.
  2. Mbhanny

    Bugger all happening

    That was the same worry when Ince was shipped(and Martin before that). I’m not saying we can replace one golden boot with another one...but I’m not too fussed about losing Vyds (if that happens). Goals will come. From where...that’s up to the players and Lampard to figure.
  3. Mbhanny

    Bugger all happening

    Signings are always exciting. Looking forward to a couple new faces in the squad! However- we are still sitting on a side that fired (well, limped) into the playoffs. Still some quality in the side. I expect far more out-then-in this summer; and I’m happy about that. I still would expect top ten (playoff push) this year, even if we don’t turnover too many starters. This is still a good side.

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