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  1. I hope it was legal advice that supported the decision to include Bennett and Lawrence last night because otherwise I would personally have suspended all three players until the court has made its decision.
  2. Wraggrams

    Jordon Ibe

    Someone in our dreams like Wayne Rooney?
  3. I think it was more about giving Knight his debut, than a reflection on Shinnie. I wonder whether he could be an upgrade on Malone at LB?
  4. Think it's a joke Wolfie: play young left back in front of our more experienced left back because the latter can't defend well...
  5. Have been very impressed by Buchanan at LB, could this move free up opportunities for him?
  6. I agree, we want better quality than Ince: if can use both feet would be a start
  7. I think it's interesting we are considering a permanent move, because other than Buchanan I don't think we are well stocked with young centre halves.
  8. I am most excited by Sibley too, however Lee Buchanan looks a very accomplished defender too. He has pace, good feet, can head and has a tackle on him reminiscent of my all time great Colin Todd! Whether he grows tall enough to be a first team centre half is one question, but he is very good at left back.
  9. I do hope that Frank stays and is brave. We need a spine with more quality than Roos, Johnson, Bryson or Huddlestone. We need to retain the loanees (head says that's unlikely except for Tomori) and/or supplement the squad with similarity successful replacements. I do hope this can be done by a combination of promoting youngsters e.g. Sibley, Thomas, Bird, MacDonald et al plus some inspired loanees. I would like to see permanent signings of a goalkeeper and young centre half as priority, having already got Shinnie as DCM and future Captain.
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