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  1. Frank et al are a rookie management team (Mr Abramovich please take note!). They have courageously taken on a big challenge in DCFC. Probably bigger than they expected. FFP has clearly bit us hard. The lack of activity in January proved that. Inspite of this they have reduced the average age of the 1st team. Tried to incorporate academy players in the 1st team squad. Used their contacts to bring in 3 loan gems. Tried to introduce a possession based pressing game. They have changed formation and tactics. We seem fitter. We have had some excellent performances e.g. WBA and Manchester United. This has all been done with a net spend close to break even. They have raised expectations with us in/near promotion places all season. Just to be there is an enormous achievement for a rookie management team. I would love us to go into the Premiership next season. But either way am looking forward to the summer transfer window because Frank and his management team will have every opportunity to create an exciting squad for whichever division we are in. A squad not only signed up to their high press tactics but one with the strength, vitality, youth and ability to be able to consistently deliver it, no matter our opposition.
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