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  1. Zurich Ram

    What a sad evening for Derbyshire

    Cant forget their classless fans singing about Philpott, when we played them in the cup.......Never thought I would hear that from a Derbyshire team
  2. Zurich Ram

    Appalling Abuse To Michael Oliver's Wife

    It was, Cloughie always said as much. Mind you, Big Roger chinning Zoff and Gladys missing a penalty didnt help, either!
  3. Zurich Ram

    RamsTV Meets Charlie George

    Could you just imagine any England manager trying to impose a curfew on that little lot?!! Well, apart from "Old Big 'Ead" - he'd have had them as lively on the pitch as no doubt they were, off it!!!
  4. Zurich Ram

    Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Hamstring, I believe...?
  5. Zurich Ram

    Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Benty is broken as well!
  6. Zurich Ram

    The Hand of God

    Gary Charles (yes, I know I'm leaning against an open door there....) might disagree with regards to Gazza.......
  7. Zurich Ram

    England World Cup kit

    there is even blue on the England rugby shirt again, this year
  8. Zurich Ram

    One for the oldies

    thanks for that, always struck me what a talented squad the DYS had, pity they played so cynically at times....
  9. Zurich Ram

    One for the oldies

    is that Duncan Mckenzie ahem, saving himself for the proper fighting...?!
  10. Zurich Ram

    By the time we play Leeds...

    and Congrats Hard On is nothing like as funny an anagram as Colin W*nker!!!
  11. Zurich Ram

    Forest's Greek Tragedy

    30 seconds - the time it took 2 Treetards in a bar in Barcelona, when they saw my Rams shirt (was going to see Barca v Alaves) to joke about Mick Philpott - stay classy guys
  12. Zurich Ram

    One for the oldies

    Barry Davies "Lee, interesting, oh very interesting, and look at his face, just look at his face"!!!!!
  13. Zurich Ram

    New Leeds Badge

    DYS "fans" are revolting enough, already
  14. Zurich Ram

    One for the oldies

    This was Dave MacKay's first game against his old club, no wonder he was chuffed to see Les Green stop that shot from Jimmy Greaves!
  15. Zurich Ram

    Neville for England Manager

    Hack #1 "So Phil, how do you think your tweets compare with the remarks made by David Moyes"?

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