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  1. Zurich Ram

    Brian Clough

    I'd quite forgotten just how bad the pitch was at the BBG...…!!!
  2. Zurich Ram

    Rumours of one particular player's death...

    I once had to discipline someone who was clearly angling for a long weekend away by suddenly developing a cough on a Thursday lunchtime, only to ring in sick for the Friday and the following Monday. When she turned up for work on Tuesday morning, with a suntan and a cursory glance of her company mobile phone account showed she had been in Ibiza from Thursday night until early Tuesday the game was up!!
  3. Zurich Ram

    Rotherham Security

    Blackpool? Is that the same club of whom one of their directors was convicted of indecent assault & rape in 1996?
  4. Zurich Ram

    Vote Weimann

    and Franny Lee would still have put him on his @rse
  5. Zurich Ram

    Third kit?

    Dont like like, looks too similar to a Dirty Lids shirt - enough said....
  6. Zurich Ram

    Sportscene Talk-in

    "Brian Clough's Golden Goal" - a weekly sweep to predict how many minutes into the show before his name is invoked. There wont be many rollover weeks......

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