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  1. Zurich Ram

    Third kit?

    Dont like like, looks too similar to a Dirty Lids shirt - enough said....
  2. Zurich Ram

    Sportscene Talk-in

    "Brian Clough's Golden Goal" - a weekly sweep to predict how many minutes into the show before his name is invoked. There wont be many rollover weeks......
  3. No, but Bryan Ferry & Mick Jagger did........
  4. Zurich Ram

    What a sad evening for Derbyshire

    Cant forget their classless fans singing about Philpott, when we played them in the cup.......Never thought I would hear that from a Derbyshire team
  5. Zurich Ram

    Appalling Abuse To Michael Oliver's Wife

    It was, Cloughie always said as much. Mind you, Big Roger chinning Zoff and Gladys missing a penalty didnt help, either!
  6. Zurich Ram

    RamsTV Meets Charlie George

    Could you just imagine any England manager trying to impose a curfew on that little lot?!! Well, apart from "Old Big 'Ead" - he'd have had them as lively on the pitch as no doubt they were, off it!!!

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