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  1. Colin Gibon

    I told Sniffer in quite descriptive terms where he could shove the portakabins he was trying to flog, when he came to the power station I was managing a few years ago .....
  2. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Greek bakeries have poorly-specified cladding......?
  3. Forest's Greek Tragedy

  4. Blackburn, Forest, or Brum...

    Heart is really hoping its the Red Dogs, head says odds are, it is probably going to be Blackburn. If it is by goal difference, how ironic that their spawny last minute goal against us was the difference.
  5. Joey Barton

    I get the irony, but its like when they introduced the smoking ban on planes, I heard a passenger complain "but you sell cigarettes", as the stewardess was heard to reply " we sell condoms as well, but we don't expect you to be using those on board, either"
  6. Football Tax fraud probe

    I can see Sheffield United getting points docked for West Ham's "administrative shortcomings"
  7. Brian Clough and Don Revie interview

    ....and people wonder why some of us still hate the DYS...!!!
  8. Harry Houdini appointed Birmingham manager

    Did they have his number on speed dial or was he already lined up in advance of Zola jumping?
  9. Tom Ince


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