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  1. Radio Derby Sportscene

    Ian Hall had the technical knowledge of the game but at the end of his time on RD he became a really grumpy old man - I remember him launching into a 5 minute tirade about the Rams running out to the intro to U2's "Where the streets have no name" . It was the right time to pension him off. The Tin Man was good, but then allowed his bitterness of the way he felt his Missus was being treated by the club to creep into his observations. Would love to have a few more cameo appearances by GR, although he is the first to admit that he doesn't have the ability to do a full commentary - maybe have him on one of the microphones during matches with that shower up the road?
  2. Forest's Greek Tragedy

  3. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    want to know why she's smiling? ask the lad in the black shirt, who's similarly dressed mate is pointing at the pitch..........
  4. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Terry Butcher is a ram?
  5. Colin Gibon

    I told Sniffer in quite descriptive terms where he could shove the portakabins he was trying to flog, when he came to the power station I was managing a few years ago .....

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