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  1. We may be trying to play pretty football in the third tier next season if we don't start to "man up" and stop being so vulnerable to poohouse tactics.
  2. you not seen the site of the old gasometer, I'd suggest that the water would naturally drain into that? I suspect that it's more a case of the majority of the groundstaff being either furloughed or laid off, as a result of the lockdowns.
  3. Just wanted an excuse to type convicted rapist Owen Oyston ……...
  4. presumably the Register of Sex Offenders link was introduced after convicted rapist Owen Oyston's links with Blackpool?
  5. Excellent news, it'd take one hell of a virus to beat the Tin Man - I watched him in the indoor nets at Derbyshire CC a few years ago - I was glad I got to see him play football, is all I'll say!!
  6. Audrina has been cancer-free for one year!! Frankly, that's more important than fretting about when the Sheikh's shekels hit the bank account.
  7. Frankly, some of the hateful anti-MM comments that have appeared on both social media and on here are absolutely shameful - I thought we, as Derby fans, were better than that. Happy enough to accept free scarves, flags, transport to Old Trafford, pies etc. though' However, remembering some of the awful stuff that was also posted about Lionel Pickering, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. As for already pre-judging the new owners about whom none of you know anything about, therefore they have to be suspect, right? This forum used to be a really positive platform, it's degenerated into a whing
  8. Nah, theyre waiting for their next set of instructions from Gibson
  9. Its not a tuft, you silly Rodney plonker, its a "hair island" ..............!!
  10. I'm not saying its my choice, the new owners will have already secured the services of their new manager, before instructing Mel to "clear the decks". Who they install will be an early indication of the seriousness of their intent. I guess all will be revealed sometime in the coming week.
  11. Shame, nice guy - dead man walking …….
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