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  1. Heart is really hoping its the Red Dogs, head says odds are, it is probably going to be Blackburn. If it is by goal difference, how ironic that their spawny last minute goal against us was the difference.
  2. I get the irony, but its like when they introduced the smoking ban on planes, I heard a passenger complain "but you sell cigarettes", as the stewardess was heard to reply " we sell condoms as well, but we don't expect you to be using those on board, either"
  3. I can see Sheffield United getting points docked for West Ham's "administrative shortcomings"
  4. ....and people wonder why some of us still hate the DYS...!!!
  5. Did they have his number on speed dial or was he already lined up in advance of Zola jumping?
  6. He's that good, they couldn't wait to get him back at Leicester......... and I was really pleased when we appointed him.........
  7. 30 280, really? there were plenty of empty seats evident on the highlights........
  8. Ditto - also incredibly brave. I heard him describe his prognosis on RD, very humbling. RIP, fella.
  9. Man City in 1938 - I think has been quoted.....
  10. Not sure its such a ridiculous decision, the owners had to do something to avoid the ignominy and financial cost of relegation, especially as champions. They have probably seen how Villa have struggled in the Championship and have recognised that an automatic bounce back to the premiership is never guaranteed, following relegation. If, as is now being reported on Sky Sports news, the players had a meeting with the chairman to express dissatisfaction with their manager, then the board had to do something - although there are some parallels with another club some 26 miles up the road from them...............? The choices are to either change the manager or change the players - good luck with getting that one right, in the eyes of the punters. Whilst football is now touted as "a business", as a sport it is morally bankrupt. Telling players to "take a long hard look at themselves" sadly harks back to a previous era, before accumulating obscene quantities of money became the all-encompassing obsession of today's players and their agents. The second half display against Seville demonstrated how they had been holding out on Ranieri, as much as the same squad of players had been holding out on Pearson in his last season there. Its a sad reflection on the game today and football, as I used to know it, just died a little more with last night's news
  11. Note to self - do not read posts like this whilst trying to drink water at your work desk....classic!!!!!!, anybody got the Kleenex (for the water)?
  12. That was Mick Stack of Mickleover
  13. what he said - the closing remarks by the ex-goal hanging, jug-eared, crisp eating, smug, (w)anchor man were a disgrace - get the Kleenex ordered, your precious one-hit wonders are going down....!!
  14. I remember Man Ure fans getting off their train to fight with Derby at the station, when we were on our way to Colchester in the cup. Yep, they were that bad, in the 70's