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  1. Hate to say it but the way we’re playing I can see us getting a hammering 🙁 hope I’m wrong! Leeds 5 - 1 Derby frgs Marriott
  2. Brentford 1-2 Derby FRGS Marriott
  3. Derby 2-1 WBA Marriott FRGS
  4. Derby 3 -1 Bristol FRGS Bennett
  5. Stoke 1 - 2 Derby waggy FRGS
  6. Scunny 0 - 3 Derby Marriott frgs
  7. I’m pretty sure he lives in Mickleover so doubt he works in Watford!
  8. You can’t listen to it through an app or on internet which is really annoying! As I’m North East Derbyshire right on the edge of Sheffield the only way I can get it is picking up Fm I have to rig up a makeshift aerial to improve reception but I work from home and I’m working everyday at 4pm and cant get a signal down the garden where I work so missed most the second half on Saturday (thankfully) 😂
  9. A bit late but Derby 2-0 Swansea city Waghorn
  10. Yep how did you guess?....I love pork pie, good job really as I have a big head! 😂
  11. Forgive me as I often forget what day it is but is it April 1st? Can’t see us affording his wages...I’ll eat my hat if it was to happen....
  12. Huddersfield 1 Derby 2 frgs Bielik
  13. People shouldn’t be slagging FL off. He has chosen to go to the club he loves and spent 13 years with, can’t blame him tbh. I’m disappointed he’s going but that’s life poo happens!! I’m just annoyed how long it’s all taking and how it affects our preparations for the coming season. Hopefully by Wednesday he’s gone and we have a new manager in place (Cocu) please Mel. 😃👍🏻🐏
  14. Why is this dragging on? This is his Chelsea the one job he can’t refuse! If he loves them that much it’s surely a case of....where do I sign! I’m sure it didn’t take this long for him to become our manager?!
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