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  1. RIP Jim. You left us with great memories. A true legend.
  2. don't like the way this game is going. It could be embarrassing in the second half. Make that really embarrassing.
  3. I wouldn't like to see Fulham get a second. We could be on to a hiding if they do.
  4. Would love to see Jarrod Bowen from Hull here. He's only 22 and out of contract at end of season. Don't think he's on massive wages. Can play on right wing and scores for fun. I wonder if a cheeky bid and playing with Rooney could tempt him?
  5. They had the chance to be taken home without driving. They ignored it. Real damage was done in the crash to the cars and people were injured. They both fled the scene only returning later. They will be lucky to escape custodial sentences IMO.
  6. We'll be very lucky to get a point from this
  7. A quick list of footballers charged with drink driving Wayne Rooney, Hugo Lloris, Danny Drinkwater, Roberto Firmino, Dean Saunders, Arturo Vidal, Yaya Toure, Nicolas Bendtner, Paul Gascoigne, Saido Berahino, Darron Gibson, Tony Adams, Frank Lampard was charged with speeding at 90mph in a 50mph zone. I'm absolutely not condoning whats happened just stating that some other players still have careers despite drink driving and, obviously, some don't. I guess it depends on the individual involved and how they react. It's possible to get past this IF they are contrite and regret it and seek to restore their reputations in the right way. The worst thing is Keogh's injury. The club may see this as a misdemeanour too far as it will seriously impact on the season. With a potential 3 first team players missing for the next few games (Keogh out all season), Mel is not going to be a happy man. I hope he acts appropriately (whatever that is). My fear is that this season, with its poor start could fall apart - we have now lost 4 players from last season (potentially 5/6) and are struggling with form. We have lost the captain on the field. I can see only difficult times ahead both on and off the field. Sorry to be so negative.
  8. It doesn't matter which 11 you pick. I can't find a good side. I can't see that bringing Shinnie is going to make Lawrence play well or Waghorn hold the ball up. Buchanan is out of his depth (needs to go out on loan). Whilst Holmes is a decent player he hasn't exactly been prolific so far. I really hope I'm wrong but this is going to be a relegation struggle this year. We have far too many players that are simply not good enough who are in the first team - Lawrence, Roos, Waghorn, Huddlestone, Dowell, Buchanan (who may come good but not in this team), Malone The squad needs a thorough overhaul and that's going to take some time. I'm not sure Cocu is up to it. WHen you get players having a go at the supporters you are on the wrong road, it is very difficult to turn things round and it is obvious there is unrest with the players. I can't see a playing style or direction he's going in. THese last 2 games have been a disaster - very worrying times for DCFC.
  9. Its not the result, its the manner of defeat.
  10. The thing that worries me is that these players are trying to get in the first team. And none of them appear to be taking that chance. We also seem to have a serious lack of goalscorers at the club. Its worrying but not yet time to slash wrists.
  11. Excellent victory. Ensures qualification for playoffs.
  12. That total seems way short with only losing 3 wickets. Think Lancs will cruise to easy victory. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. Do these players actually train at football? You know things like passing to a team member, moving off the ball, formations - stuff like that. Because it sure doesn't look like it. THe team looks like it doesn't have a clue how to actually play football never mind good football. I've lost count of how many 5 yard passes they have made to the opposition, Watching the forwards,midfielders none of them move when they haven't got the ball.
  14. Malone is just awful. Given the ball away too many times, Doesn't pass forward. Lawrence hardly in game. Should have scored easily but didn't. Huddlestone not making passes which is the only reason he;s in the side. Waghorn has concrete boots on. Every time the ball goes to him it bounces off him by 10 yards. Can't hold the ball up at all. Bielik and Keogh only Derby players worth their place at the moment. Shocking performance so far.
  15. Well I asked for batting consistency and it appears to have worked. 61-5 This season is rapidly disappearing down the plughole.
  16. Did I mention batting consistency? 😩
  17. If Rankin is rank what does that make Stevens? Shocking run out. Shocking batting performance.
  18. If Tom Lawrence plays like that all season you can forget about Harry Wilson for £20m. Its a big if though. But that was the player we know he can be. All he needs now is consistency. Couple of players were poor tonight but not complaining because it was a good team performance. If Bielek is as good as they claim and Marriott can get on the pitch we have plenty to look forward too.
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