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  1. Do these players actually train at football? You know things like passing to a team member, moving off the ball, formations - stuff like that. Because it sure doesn't look like it. THe team looks like it doesn't have a clue how to actually play football never mind good football. I've lost count of how many 5 yard passes they have made to the opposition, Watching the forwards,midfielders none of them move when they haven't got the ball.
  2. Malone is just awful. Given the ball away too many times, Doesn't pass forward. Lawrence hardly in game. Should have scored easily but didn't. Huddlestone not making passes which is the only reason he;s in the side. Waghorn has concrete boots on. Every time the ball goes to him it bounces off him by 10 yards. Can't hold the ball up at all. Bielik and Keogh only Derby players worth their place at the moment. Shocking performance so far.
  3. Well I asked for batting consistency and it appears to have worked. 61-5 This season is rapidly disappearing down the plughole.
  4. Did I mention batting consistency? 😩
  5. If Rankin is rank what does that make Stevens? Shocking run out. Shocking batting performance.
  6. If Tom Lawrence plays like that all season you can forget about Harry Wilson for £20m. Its a big if though. But that was the player we know he can be. All he needs now is consistency. Couple of players were poor tonight but not complaining because it was a good team performance. If Bielek is as good as they claim and Marriott can get on the pitch we have plenty to look forward too.
  7. If only Derbys could bat like that more consistently. Well played Derbys now keep it going.
  8. Managed to stop the rout somewhat. Steelbacks 180-5 Rampaul brilliant. Derbys have a chance as long as they don't start too slowly,
  9. Getting another pasting already. Bowlers are poor (Rampaul excepted). All the previous problems in evidence again.
  10. What about Ben Woodburn on loan from Liverpool. BBC reckons he might go to Oxford. From what I've seen he's better than that. Wilson replacement? Would be a good signing for us I think.
  11. Going to end up well short again. Nowhere near enough firepower even with wickets in hand.
  12. Its not looking good against Notts either. 91-1 after 10 overs and they are heading for a large total.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48947083 And I bet Frank thought he would be welcomed home with open arms. Oh dear.
  14. Surely this a bowlers pitch then lol 😂 Worcester 44-4
  15. Surely this is not a bowlers pitch. Another very poor batting display. 63-6!! 0-3 in 2.1 overs after lunch. I wonder what they had?
  16. We should replace the bounce with the "flounce".....
  17. I seem to remember playing Barcelona in a pre-season friendly at PP - I'm sure Cocu played on the left wing and was very quick. Anyone else remember this or I am talking the usual crepe?
  18. By 1 run!! 84 all out. Rather disappointing.
  19. 19-4!! I despair. Lancs could win by an innings here. Total capitulation. If Reece is injured I hate to think what will happen next game.
  20. And managed it. Lost last 4 wickets in 7 balls. Durham have lost their last 6 matches. Poor defeat.
  21. Trying hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory....
  22. Exactly. We don't want potential transfer fees being elevated because we appear to have money. Look where that got us before. Keep your hand hidden. Isn't this a case of Mel actually learning from past mistakes?
  23. Yeah I know. Just feeling it at the moment. Worried that with 12-14 players leaving, that next season could be really difficult. And If Frank leaves as well.....
  24. There is a whole side I mentioned there. Why pick on King? You think Mount, Wilson and Tomori won't be a loss? You want to keep Johnson, Roos, Bryson, Nugent...…..? Olsson and Ambrose never played so will be released. These players will need replacing and we'll need better players if we are serious about promotion. Its time to be serious instead of nit picking. Where is the money coming from? I don't think Mel is waving a blank chequebook anymore.
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