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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48947083 And I bet Frank thought he would be welcomed home with open arms. Oh dear.
  2. Surely this a bowlers pitch then lol 😂 Worcester 44-4
  3. Surely this is not a bowlers pitch. Another very poor batting display. 63-6!! 0-3 in 2.1 overs after lunch. I wonder what they had?
  4. We should replace the bounce with the "flounce".....
  5. I seem to remember playing Barcelona in a pre-season friendly at PP - I'm sure Cocu played on the left wing and was very quick. Anyone else remember this or I am talking the usual crepe?
  6. By 1 run!! 84 all out. Rather disappointing.
  7. 19-4!! I despair. Lancs could win by an innings here. Total capitulation. If Reece is injured I hate to think what will happen next game.
  8. And managed it. Lost last 4 wickets in 7 balls. Durham have lost their last 6 matches. Poor defeat.
  9. Trying hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory....
  10. Exactly. We don't want potential transfer fees being elevated because we appear to have money. Look where that got us before. Keep your hand hidden. Isn't this a case of Mel actually learning from past mistakes?
  11. Yeah I know. Just feeling it at the moment. Worried that with 12-14 players leaving, that next season could be really difficult. And If Frank leaves as well.....
  12. There is a whole side I mentioned there. Why pick on King? You think Mount, Wilson and Tomori won't be a loss? You want to keep Johnson, Roos, Bryson, Nugent...…..? Olsson and Ambrose never played so will be released. These players will need replacing and we'll need better players if we are serious about promotion. Its time to be serious instead of nit picking. Where is the money coming from? I don't think Mel is waving a blank chequebook anymore.
  13. SO next year we'll be without Tomori, Mount, King and Wilson. Roos, Johnson, Nugent, Bryson, Ambrose, Cole and Olsson are out of contract. I'm not sure I would want to keep any of them. THis means we'll need: New keeper New central defender (maybe 2), new right back (can't see Forsyth coming back) At LEAST 3 midfielders ( to replace Bryson, Mount, Wilson, Johnson) 1 more striker I'm so glad we DIDNT get promoted - We have a major, major rebuilding to do. I think next year will be worse than this year because of this. Now - am I being too pessimistic or just realistic? I'm only trying to point out the facts and I've just spent the afternoon with 30 or so Villa fans in the pub and I'm feeling fragile after listening to their garbage about how poor we are and laughing about Lampard and the boys. Villa have just gone into my top 5 of hated teams. I would really love it if Terry goes to Chelsea and Villa beat our 11 points. Hate them.
  14. Against: 1. No team has ever lost the first game and go on to play in the final. 2.We were utter rubbish today. 3. Nugent and Malone. 4. Tactics. For: 1. If we turn up on Wednesday we can beat these. 2. No team has ever lost the first game and go on to play in the final - so its about time one did.
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