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    WoollyJumper reacted to cosmic in A Rooney concern I think is unwarranted   
    Is anyone out there really worried he’s going to be “too good”? Have a word with yourselves. 
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    WoollyJumper reacted to Ibby in Keogh Sacked   
    Indeed sad things come to end 😐
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    WoollyJumper reacted to The Orange Pimpernel in The Derby County I relate to.   
    Pundits have bred a critical fanbase. 
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    WoollyJumper reacted to Ellafella in Morris turns down 50m for Derby   
    He’s unlikely to say anything until a deal is signed & sealed and to be fair he has already said some time ago that he is looking for other parties to share the load. That is why he has “bought” the stadium so he retains control over the ground. There’s nothing else to say until the ink is dry on a contract. 
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    WoollyJumper reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in bye   
    I pretty much thought that we stuck with the club through thick and thin.
    Lawrence and Bennett will get their punishments and will have to live with the consequences of their actions for a very long time.
    Whilst they work for this club I expect them to work for the benefit of the club,it's supporters and the community,not sit at home in their pants feeling sorry for themselves so I take the alternate view that the club are correct to get them out there doing their bloody jobs whilst considering their futures at the same time.
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    WoollyJumper reacted to dcfc4ever in If Lawrence and Bennett play......?   
    I think we should all still consider Lawrence has lost his mam at a very young age.I personally still have my mam and can’t imagine what it would be like to not have her around and the effect it would have on me and how long it would take to get over that sad time.For all we know this could have been a contributing factor in so many ways whether good or bad at the time.I feel sorry for him,he’s made a terrible mistake and luckily no one was killed but we should consider all the facts prior to being critical of him and righting him off as a bad person
    He got loads of grief last season from some fans over his lack of quality yet no one knew his personal circumstances were not good.Now knowing what he was going through I can’t believe he played so well for us and in particular Leeds away when he could have asked not to play
    He will have my support on and off the pitch
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    WoollyJumper reacted to Rambalin in Keogh out for the season   
    So Keogh is out it just created a chance for someone else to come in and stake their claim.Happens time and again in football Bogle got his chance and seized it time for someone else to do the same.
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    WoollyJumper reacted to TommyPowel in Ian Holloway Article   
    do you seriously think that money comes into this?All the fans that went to Brentford all paid the same amount to go,But only a small amount were hurling the abuse apparently,Like all the gambling adds say if it hurts stop and if going to games causes the behaviour then best quit. Ambition is the driving force with all professional sportsman how much they earn has no effect on performance
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    WoollyJumper reacted to rynny in Ian Holloway Article   
    I seem to be missing something? Where's the Ian Holloway article? 

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    WoollyJumper reacted to IslandExile in Calm down, calm down   
    After the fun of the Lampard season, I dreaded who we might appoint. But Mel pulled off a major coup and I was elated when we appointed Cocu. We all were...well bar 3 out of 500(?), look back at the survey results.
    The general consensus was that he was to be given time to build something sustainable and for the long term, utilizing the academy. Not least because we could not buy promotion like Wolves did and now Fulham are trying.
    But, look what's happened, we've not played well against Stoke, made a couple of errors and so lost to a decent Bristol side and mayhem has ensued. The forum is in meltdown.
    I understand the frustration. I'm getting old fer chrissekes. We all want to see Derby back in the top flight as soon as possible. But sheesh.
    After a few poor appointments (Mac2, Clement, Pearson and Rowett - actually that's quite a lot), Mel has learnt the type of manager that can deliver the "Derby way".
    But with a tight budget, it will take time. Mel knew that when he gave PC a 4 year contract.
    Cocu is absolutely the right man.
    He needs a couple of transfer windows to shift the rest of the deadwood and bring in players to plug the gaps that cannot be fulfilled by academy graduates.
    This new batch of academy graduates looks the most promising - probably ever in terms of numbers. But they need time, they need to gain experience, they need a chance to iron out the inconsistencies all young players have and time to improve their decision making. It's not going to happen overnight.
    Like it or not, this really has to be a "transition season".
    Let Cocu mould the team. Let the academy players learn their trade and become deserved first teamers.
    I'd guess L***s and Fulham will be promoted automatically this season, then there are a lot of teams vying for the playoffs. I'd be surprised if we're one of them.
    So, let's instead enjoy the development happening in front of our eyes. Those of you lucky enough to go to the games, enjoy the fun of going to a football match.
    The future for our club hasn't been this bright for a long time.
    Cocu and Mel are building something special.
    Relax and believe.
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    WoollyJumper reacted to Alpha in The Telegraph deserve opprobrium for their association with the gambling industry   
    To be honest I don't really get why gambling is evil. 
    I quite enjoy the odd bet. And if the odd bet becomes betting my house then it's me with the problem not SkyBet. 
    It's not like you don't know what you are getting into. You're not tied into a contract. There wasn't some small print that said they'll keep your money if you win. You know what you can afford and what you can't. 
    That's not to say I have no sympathy for gambling addicts. But the problem is within them.
    It is interesting listening to @Mafiabob and his perspective. I have a gut feeling that like many other topics the 'anti' group consists of people that haven't faced what they are fighting against
    This world has a lot of people who feck their own lives up and look for something to blame. To me that's not a problem. 
    The people that do wind me up are those that say "oh no, you're completely innocent of any poor judgement or wrong doings. In fact you are a victim and although I won't spend my time helping you what I'll do is blame a group of people on your behalf and paint myself as a champion of the common man" 
    Off topic but take a certain pub chain that won't heat baby food. Why? Because they have been sued for a baby being scolded.
    Who is the fecking **** *** that said "well clearly you haven't messed up as parent here. You are the victim and I will campaign on your behalf." 
    Such a blame culture. And poo like this Rooney thing just gives that more momentum. 
    Derby shamelessly advertise betting and this is the reason we have John putting his mortgage on a horse. Poor John.
    Yes poor John. Help John because John is ducked up. But John ducked John up. But you can't say that because then John doesn't deserve help. He did it himself. 
    Can we not just help John anyway because we all duck up. But let's not pretend William Hill ducked him up. 
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    WoollyJumper got a reaction from Will Hughes Hair in Krystian Bielik - Signed 5 year deal   
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    WoollyJumper got a reaction from Needlesh in Krystian Bielik - Signed 5 year deal   
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    WoollyJumper reacted to Andicis in Ethan Ampadu - Joined RB Leipzig   
    Permanent players don't play for the badge anymore than loan players do. Tell me Tomori didn't care about us or didn't play for the badge. So what, we're Derby County, that doesn't make us anything special. If we want top loan players, then we have to suck it up and accept what comes with it, we don't get to sign the quality of Mount permanent, but we do get to loan them.  With FFP and with top clubs signing the talent, loans are the best we'll get.
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    WoollyJumper reacted to YorkshireRam in Ethan Ampadu - Joined RB Leipzig   
    The point of any good loan though is to get a player that would usually be beyond a permanent transfer... Mount, for example, last season was both: a luxury in terms of quality, and way beyond our reach as a permanent Derby player.
    On top of that, you can avoid having an excess of deadwood if you do go up because buying a player that is promotion-quality in the Championship isn't necessarily a player that is Prem-quality.
    If you were given the choice at this point a year ago, knowing what you do now, would you rather have Josefzoon on a permanent or Wilson on loan for a season?
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    WoollyJumper got a reaction from David in Kieran Dowell - Signed on season long loan & he hates Forest   
    Find it hard to believe that a Forest fan would overate themselves. 
  17. Haha
    WoollyJumper got a reaction from Danelaw Rams in Kieran Dowell - Signed on season long loan & he hates Forest   
    Find it hard to believe that a Forest fan would overate themselves. 
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    WoollyJumper reacted to Angry Ram in Fans Forum @ Nunsfield House in Alvaston 27/3/19   
    All sounds pretty positive.. International football breaks leave the press stumbling around for copy. I take the view that I believe nothing from anyone. 
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    WoollyJumper reacted to Gaspode in Business steps to administraton   
    This is the sort of thread that has caused me to spend a lot less tiome on this board than I used to - I do wonder why some folk bother to follow the club at all....
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    WoollyJumper reacted to Tamworthram in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    To dangerously, and possibly ominously, quote Steve Mclaren, surely this is just pure speculation. I can't read the full article without subscribing but it appears to be just their own conclusions and not based on anything anyone has said to them.
    I may be wrong but it just sounds like lazy journalism to me: High profile manager of championship club that MAY be sold in the summer. Same high profile manager was a legend with a premier league club that MAY be looking for a new manager in the summer. I know, let's put two and two together and see if we come up with four. 
    I hope I'm wrong but it does look like idle speculation to me. We'll see. 
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    WoollyJumper reacted to David in Mel Morris to put the club up for sale SHOULD Derby fail to win promotion....   
    I’m sure they will be aware of the type of questions that will be asked on the night, they may even prepare for those questions although I fail to see any issues with that if the answers are truthful.
    You will have faced a number of interviews yourself over the years, knowing you would be asked questions such as “What do you feel you would bring to this company”, “describe yourself as a person, what motivates you” did you walk into the interview with a few answers up your sleeve or go completely off the cuff?
    These events run for an hour or two, I’m sure some fans would love the club to go deeper into certain areas, but others will have many questions from WiFi at the stadium to how much exactly do we have to spend in the summer, some even use the opportunity to have a pop at a few players and share their tactical advice with Frank.
    With thousands of fans, enjoying the game in many different ways with their opinions it’s going to throw up all types of questions, do I have any interest in WiFi at Pride Park? Not at all, but I won’t mock another that’s matchdat experience is ruined with the 3G reception.
    I think some expect a tailored to their interests and the club to reveal everything event, right down to the pennies and Lampard’s inner thoughts that keep him awake at night which simply can’t happen as some details need to remain confidential for obvious reasons.
    Never understood the criticism to be honest, as I said earlier we’re actually quite lucky to have this access to the club, many others are left completely in the dark. So whilst the answers may not fully satisfy the need to know everything, we should at least be grateful for what we do have.
    As for a review of what was said when we visited Moor Farm, no I haven’t, clearly some things have changed over the years for example the shift back from head coach to a manager, but I’ve never felt the need to sit hear and go through a list he said this but that, why did we appoint him with hindsight.
    Sure the club has made some poor transfers, poor appointments, but show me a club that hasn’t, even the best of the best have made some horrendous calls that went against the clubs philsophy.
    Situations, circumstances change over the years, people have left the club, people that were trusted and we have had to adjust but what hasn’t is this club throughout Mel’s tenure has been genuine promotion contenders, competing at the right end of the table which when you strip everything away, is that not what we want when supporting a sports team, trying to be the best?
    I don’t miss the summers of dreaming for a Shaun Barker type fee and getting giddy at the thought of finishing 10th with Theo Robinson, I enjoy going into the summer with players that are amoungst the best in the league, having genuine hope that this year can be ours knowing that we have an owner which was true to his word, he will always back our manager 100% until the day they leave the club.
    That’s my review right there, straight off the cuff. 
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    WoollyJumper reacted to ossieram in 1 month to save the fans..   
    I'll be there next season and every season after that as long as I'm physically able to attend or can afford to attend.
    As much as I love to see Derby play attractive winning football, that doesn't have any bearing on my support for my club or I would have quit in the late 70's, early 80's.
    I would suggest that people that only want to support a winning stylish team go and support Man city or whoever takes over from them in the future.
  23. Clap
    WoollyJumper reacted to AdamRam in 1 month to save the fans..   
    Is it?
    Some people haven’t got a choice and can’t attend matches due to geninue ill health, therefore I’m off the opinion that if the reason you want to go is solely because of success then duck off now please. Football is not about 90 minutes for me, and if the negative poo coming out of posters if this results in FL being sacked will have an impact on my overall enjoyment at the game, therefore thanks for coming and take your half and half scarf with you.
    I mean, what if next year is our year, seriously, have a thought for all them Notts county, or Accrington Stanley fans, and once again if it’s guaranteed success you want... 👋 
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    WoollyJumper reacted to LazloW in 1 month to save the fans..   
    If you aren’t enjoying it (and don’t think you will) don’t buy a season ticket; if you are enjoying it (or think you will) then buy a season ticket (assuming you can afford it... and if you can’t then don’t ).  Not that complicated.
      I want to see us do well, but my buying of a ticket is not predicated on where we are in the league, what league we are in, what my expectations are, how much information the club is giving me about their plans, whether or not we are bringing youngsters through, whether we’ve signed too many old/young/loan signings, how much or little we’ve spent etc.  I buy a season ticket because I support DCFC and I enjoy going to the footy.  Until I’m too skint, too old or too far away to enjoy it anymore then I’ll be getting one.
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    WoollyJumper reacted to Alpha in There’s always next year   
    Leave him to figure it out. I’m more bored of the answer to all our problems walking through the door every 2 minutes. 
    Just leave someone to build a team. Tbh I don’t care if that’s Frank Lampard or Frankie and Benny’s. Just let it be done
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