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  1. Yeah mine was working started stuttering a bit so refreshed and would no longer work after that. Judging by the score this may now be a blessing in disguise
  2. Pooed myself when I first saw that Damn you
  3. Intrigued to see how many of the new guys make it off the bench. Rooney has made barely any subs since he has been in charge. Is that his way or just down to our lack of depth up til now. Tonight could give us the answer
  4. Ole has just confirmed Mengi is leaving. Sky say will be confirmed in next couple of hours
  5. Former electrician! Maybe he is the spark we need to get us scoring
  6. Rams TV wouldn't let me in missed the first 20 how has it been? What have I missed?
  7. I have to ask, which Sam Smiths? I'm a big fan
  8. We haven't scored for 20 minutes now this is ridiculous! Rooney out!!!
  9. Well you were wrong on one count! Let's hope you are wrong on both!!
  10. Good to see Whittaker on the bench. Bit surprising even with 9 subs that MTW doesn't make the bench only one defender on it in Buchanan!!
  11. About the only place you can go and have a pint!!
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