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  1. Chin up B4 and always remember it's the bad times that make the good times even sweeter. It won't be long before we are celebrating again. UTR
  2. Here's my take on things. I've been going since 1976 & the atmosphere has always been the driving force behind my passion for football. We couldn't get 4 tickets together in the singing section so headed for the very back of block 524. I'm 52 years old but I just don't like sitting down at football. it just doesn't feel right. If I am forced to sit then I'm up & down like a yo-yo anyway so I know that the back row is always a safe bet for standing. Everyone was stood up before KO & it was ticking along nicely but a soon as the ref blew the whistle the entire block just sat down. I looked to my left and all the Villa fans remained standing and did so throughout the game. I said to my brother that I didn't like the feel of this and he agreed. Anyway we remained standing, joined in with all the songs & tried getting a few started but it just wasn't happening. We then noticed the amount of empty seats in our end of the ground & felt that something must have gone wrong with the system and that a lot of genuine fans had missed out. The general feeling i got was that it just wasn't going to be our day. Anyway as the game went on we concluded that the best thing to happen would be to go a goal behind to kick start the team & encourage the substitutions we needed to spark everyone into action. I knew this team had got plenty of bottle and were capable of giving it a go. Everything went to plan, well apart from the 2nd goal, but even then I thought we could still do something. On came the subs, in goes the goal and it's game on. Everyone's on their feet singing and for the first time in the game i had the feeling we could do it. Then, as soon as it kicked off again, everyone sat back down & that was it !!! That was the moment that killed it for me. 9 mins to go in the biggest game of the season and we haven't got the energy to push them over the line. With a few genuine exceptions, then surely the pure adrenalin of it all would overcome age, shyness or even superglue on your seat for 9 bloody minutes. I was genuinely gutted but persevered until the bitter end and stayed until the players left the pitch. Ok, that's yesterday dealt with, now for atmosphere in football overall. Firstly, I am only a half fan these days so accept that any observations i make are done so without a mandate from the people. The reason I am now a half fan is because, after many years of solid home & away, I finally gave up on Pride Park. The reason for this was that I simply did not enjoy going their anymore. Over the years it appeared to me that a culture of negativity was consuming the place & it was breeding fast and taking the atmosphere with it. Now I fully accept that you pay your money and you're entitled to watch the game how you see fit and that's not a problem. The thing that galled me was the fact that a large number of fans were quite capable of making noise but only in a negative way. Try and get a song started & they look at you gone out but one misplaced pass and they're on their feet spouting vitriol with the best of them. Then, to top it all, they get up & go home with 10 mins to go, irrespective of the situation in the pitch. This culture just seemed to spread & grow over the years and, eventually, it wore me down. The enjoyment had gone so it's just away games for me now, I'm afraid. Now the away games can still be good, but again, it appears to me that a culture has developed amongst our singers. It's a culture of pre match binge drinking that creates wonderful atmospheres in the pubs before games but has its own drawbacks. By the time a lot of our singers arrive at the ground their voices are croaking, they are out of tune & by half time, they're asleep. Now, I'm teetotal and can assure everyone that you don't need to be as pi55ed as a fart to create an atmosphere. In fact, more times than often, it can be an hinderence. You will just be halfway through a rip roaring 'We are Derby" when a slurred voice interrupts proceedings with a croaky, out of tune musing about someone called Collymore and kills everything stone dead. I don't think the amount of swearing helps either. Is it really necessary to slip the f word into every song when there are perfectly acceptable alternatives. My opinion is that simple songs, sang loudly are the best and I think that showed with the Villa support yesterday ( and that galls me to have to say ). Anyway, I've waffled enough so to sum up from a personal point of view and for the reasons stated above: Pride Park - I'm out for the foreseeable future & with a heavy heart. Away games - I'm still in by the skin of my teeth & with a glimmer of hope in my heart. My love of Derby County Football Club - well, that's going to the grave with me. A final word goes to BurtonRam - keep going lad and don't give up on the atmosphere. I'm relying on you to get my mojo back. UTR - DTID
  3. I've being going to Derby games since 1976 so just missed out on the glory years. Seen more downs than ups but that generally comes with the territory of following your home town club. The thing about following a club like ours is that the downs make the ups so much sweeter. I'm 52 years old a genuinely shed a tear after the Leeds game. I just can't imagine City fans doing that after routinely beating Watford 6-0 i the cup final but I would imagine every single Leicester fan was blubbing like a baby after winning the league. I would even suggest that genuine City fans took more pleasure from beating Gillingham in the 1999 league 1 play off final than winning the cup last Saturday. We are in the incredibly fortunate and extremely rare position of having a genuine supporter as the owner of our club and we should all appreciate that. I really want the team to win tomorrow purely to give Mel the success he deserves and selfishly so we don't lose him. Do we really, genuinely want to become a City with foreign owners and a vastly overpaid squad with no connection to the fans. For me it's a no. Give me a Tuesday night in Plymouth with 300 diehards and I'm in my element. As for success, I'm happy with 11,000 of us at Bramhall Lane and a Phil Gee special sending us into delirium, every now and then. Maybe it's just me but, apart from the Mel situation, I can take winning or losing tomorrow, it won't change my love for the club. What would give me the most pleasure, should we lose, would be witnessing 38,000 of my fellow Rams staying behind and showing what this club really means to each and everyone of us. This is a special club with a special owner and a special set of fans so let's show the world who we are. See you all tomorrow. UTR
  4. At Shoreram About 3 of us up here that I know of. I live up a mountain and you hardly see a soul, which is why I moved here, but in my firstweek here someone knocked on the door. I opened it and there stood a bloke in a Forest hat. I said " I don't effing believe you " & shut the door. I let him in to read the meter eventually. Not long after the Jehovah's turned up. I was wounded. How long have u been in Mach ?
  5. Leaving Bontddu around dinner time Sunday. Driving down to Cardiff to collect my youngest son. Stopping overnight in Cardiff then Wembley on Monday, meeting up with my dad, brother & eldest son. Back to Cardiff after game. Probably have to sleep on his sofa as all the cheap hotels are booked up due to the Spice Women playing at the Millennium. Bounce back to Bontddu on Tuesday.
  6. The thing I found strange was that you could buy 2 tickets on 1 fan i/d number. Anyone with a valid number could buy 2 tickets and sell the spare to whoever they wanted, Derby fan or not.
  7. I live on a mountain in a remote part of Snowdonia. Just hung the flag on my gate. My heart is bursting. DTID
  8. My take on the swearing in songs is that it's just not necessary and can restrict the number of participants. Most swear words can be easily replaced. A good example is the "effing love Derby", why not just sing "D C F C". It's a catchy tune and would travel around the ground. I'm no snowflake and can cus with the best of them, but I just think that the songs that work best are both clean & simple. The other problem we seem to have is the speed at which the songs are sung. We start a good old "We Are Derby" & by the 2nd verse, I'm struggling to keep up. The speed then kills it. Listen to Rod Stewart singing "We Are Sailing" & you'll get the idea. The only way to keep the momentum going is to sing at a constant pace. The other thing I find is that you just need to keep going. Even when a song dies out, it only needs a couple of you to keep singing and people will join back in at opportune moments. Don't rely on other people. If you want an atmosphere keep it simple & keep it going. COYR
  9. Can someone please pull the rug on this thread
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