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  1. The thing I found strange was that you could buy 2 tickets on 1 fan i/d number. Anyone with a valid number could buy 2 tickets and sell the spare to whoever they wanted, Derby fan or not.
  2. I live on a mountain in a remote part of Snowdonia. Just hung the flag on my gate. My heart is bursting. DTID
  3. My take on the swearing in songs is that it's just not necessary and can restrict the number of participants. Most swear words can be easily replaced. A good example is the "effing love Derby", why not just sing "D C F C". It's a catchy tune and would travel around the ground. I'm no snowflake and can cus with the best of them, but I just think that the songs that work best are both clean & simple. The other problem we seem to have is the speed at which the songs are sung. We start a good old "We Are Derby" & by the 2nd verse, I'm struggling to keep up. The speed then kills it. Listen to Rod Stewart singing "We Are Sailing" & you'll get the idea. The only way to keep the momentum going is to sing at a constant pace. The other thing I find is that you just need to keep going. Even when a song dies out, it only needs a couple of you to keep singing and people will join back in at opportune moments. Don't rely on other people. If you want an atmosphere keep it simple & keep it going. COYR
  4. Can someone please pull the rug on this thread
  5. Nick. I had the pleasure of travelling the country with you for a few years following the Rams. I can safely say your dedication to the cause is second to none. I know first hand the time and effort you have put into this club with no more reward than the desire to improve the atmosphere and experience for all Rams fans. The atmosphere is what differentiates football from other sports and their is no greater feeling than being in a stand full of fellow supporters in full voice. Although I can't get to games as often as I would like, my heart is never far from the cause. Myself, Nathan & Bailey will be making the trip from West Wales to Norwich so hopefully we can meet for a catch up there. Keep up the good work my friend, your efforts are greatly appreciated. Mark. UTR
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