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  1. The club are perfectly correct in this decision and I fully support them. These modern players are living in cuckoo land. If Keogh had anything about him he would show some humility and be doing everything he could to repair the damage he has done to the club. Refusing to take a pay cut instead of begging for forgiveness makes me think he'd be better suited to the House of Commons than Pride Park. If he has been on £25,000 a week for the past few years he should be set up for life and if he isn't, well that's his fault. Either way, if it was me, I would be doing anything to restore my own & the clubs reputation, including working for nothing, if necessary. We all make mistakes and believe you me, I've made plenty, but it's how you right the wrongs and learn from them that matters. These players need to understand how privileged they are and start behaving accordingly. No sympathy for the bloke at all now. Good riddance. UTR
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