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Don't lose your head on "The Swarm"


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Test dummies heads coming off? Check. Feel like your going to crash? Check. Fighter pilots call it "gut wrenching"? Check. This just kinda sounds all kinda awesome. I love feeling like I'm about to die. I do love roller coasters but I don't trust something where they can't keep the test dummies heads from falling off.

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We saw the building works for this happeneing when we went to Thorpe Park last summer, (we'd only been in the park for 5 minutes when I fell down a couple of steps and twisted me ankle, not a great start)...

The ride looks awesome and I've watched the 'virtual' ride on vid - you appear to miss the building by inches. Wouldn't go anywhere near it when it first opens though, the queues would be massive, even for single riders.

And one thing to look at out for at TP, is queue jumpers. It happened to us last year, I stood the first 2 times then had a barny with a woman when it happened again. Me patience went... but I s'pose this is besides the point.

Stealth at TP is great, the only downside is it only lasts for about 20 seconds, (on occasion it doesn't even get over the top and goes backwards) then if you want to go again you hit the queue for another hour unless you pay extra and go fastrack. It's the same on Saw The Ride, it's great but the queues are ridiculous.

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