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A telling statistic...


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Our second highest goal scorer is a player that has been out injured since October! Should S.Davies and Robinson start automatically now they are fit to play again and still have more goals than anyone who has filled in? For me, yes.

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I think our strikers are showing their real colours now, no more flukey goals, their lucks ran out and non of them can score, granted Steve Davies has only jus come back, but due to his injury record he hasn't matured as a young player should. I still see him as a rough diamond who needs to play along side an experienced CF not be the main man for others to learn off.

Tyson is older but hasn't played as a CF for a few years and maybe that's for a reason??

Theo needs to be sold in the summer to some mug who signs players on goals scored and not actually watched him play, i dont think anyone knows (even himself and clough) how hes scored goals. I've gave up on him and for him to b our top scorer says it all!! We need quality up front

I like Callum ball he can control and bring down the ball well, not scared to shoot, but needs to have more physical presence, still young so looks promising at this level

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