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Anyone know what this is about?


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Was just browsing tinterweb and found this song, called The Derby Ram by Erland and the Carnival. It's a reworking of a folk song but I was listening to the lyrics about "horrible scenes", "the crowd didn't really commit an offence", "the bishop said I am horrified by these people's actions" and "his parents just couldn't say a thing and the tributes were left by the schoolgate" and just wondered If anyone's got any idea about whether or not this is about an actual incident in Derby? Maybe even something to do with Derby fans? :confused:


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Google says:

It’s the story of a tragic suicide jump that happened in Derby town centre a few years ago where a baying crowd gathered to watch and shout abuse at the jumper in a kind of horrific medievil re-enactment while recording it on their mobile phones. We based the lyrics on a newspaper article about the event.

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